10 Awesome Blog Writing Ideas For A Hotelier

Hotels should have a blog to keep guests and potential guests informed of what you offer. There is also a lot to be said for the social media and SEO benefits that come from blogging. However, many hoteliers suffer from writers block when it comes time to create a blog post. Here are 10 awesome blog writing ideas for a hotelier.

FAQs and answer customer questions
If there are questions that people ask you on a regular or frequent basis, this is clearly information that people need to know and that you perhaps don’t provide this information elsewhere. A FAQ page is a good idea for all business websites but for a hotel blog, a FAQ is definitely a brilliant idea for content.
If you are asked an interesting question by a guest, think about writing a blog all about that topic. It may be that it isn’t something that deserves to be recorded in a FAQ page but if someone wants to know, it may be that other people will want to know as well.

Showcase your menu
If you offer food at your restaurant, why not devote some blogs to what you offer? Blogs can incorporate video and images very easily these days, so you don’t even need to do a lot of writing. This is a perfect way to show guests what you have to offer and it can allow you to show the work of your employees. There are also many ways in which you can talk about your food. If you use local produce, you may want to talk about your suppliers and their local area. If your chef or kitchen staff use a particular recipe, you may want to share it. You may just want to talk about your menu and the wide range of food that you offer, but no matter what you decide to write about, writing about the food on offer at your hotel is a great way to create blog content.

Ask staff members for tips on what to do in the local area
Many people like to know what the locals do for fun, food or activities in a particular area. A lot of guests will be keen to enjoy the tourist trips and must-see attractions but there is always a lot to be said for helping people get off the beaten track and finding the rooms and venues that aren’t packed full of tourists. This is a good way to make your employees feel connected and engaged with your blog while providing valuable information to your guests or tourists.

Provide a blog detailing how to get to the hotel from various places in the local area or country
You want to make it as easy as possible for people to find your hotel. This is why creating a blog that gives directions and shows routes to your hotel from stations, airports and notable landmarks will be very useful. You can provide useful information about certain parts of the journey but this style of blog post is all about providing guidance and information to people.

Showcase other local businesses
There is a lot to be said for playing a part in your community so why not write a blog post that showcases other local businesses. It could be that there are businesses which connect with your service or which complement you, such as a local taxi firm, which means that there will be business benefits to you further down the line. However, your main aim is to make the overall area seem of benefit and interest to guests, and a simple blog post highlighting the good work provided by local businesses can be of real interest.

Talk about local transport
Providing guests and tourists with information about local transport options and how to get around will be of tremendous benefit. Simple things like how to pay, where the nearest bus stop or train station is and what service to get to reach somewhere can be of huge benefit to most people.

Showcase changes to your hotel over the years
If your hotel has been around for a couple of years, take some time to show the evolution of your hotel. This can be great for SEO purposes but it also helps you to connect with previous guests who will have memories of former holidays rekindled by your post. This can also showcase how modern and stylish your hotel is, which is a subtle benefit from this style of post.

Use customer testimonials
If people have said nice things about you, creating a blog post thanking them. This is the courteous thing to do, but it also showcases the positive comments and testimonials you have received from people, which is of benefit to people who are looking to book a holiday. In the modern era, social proof is vital and if you can showcase the positive comments people have made about your business, you will make it easier for new guests to book with you.

Special offers / deals and promotions
If you are running special offers, deals or promotions, make sure you blog about. This page can be handy to link to from your social media accounts. You can catch people’s attention about special offers on social media but you may not have the chance to go into great detail about what the offer contains or what the terms and conditions are. Creating a special blog post will help you to create a post that provides all the information you need to offer.

Focus on the local language and give tips and handy phrases
It can be helpful to offer the most frequently used local phrases or give advice about local customs. This helps guests to feel more comfortable, it allows them to develop their language skills and it will also help you to be considered a local expert that is worth listening to.

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Travel UK

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