10 Facebook Tips For A Travel Agent

Facebook is a wonderful platform for travel agents to use but it is important to use Facebook in an appropriate manner. If you are not sure how to get the best from Facebook, these 10 Facebook tips for a travel agent will ensure you maximise your return from the most popular social media platform.

Develop a brand and image and then be consistent
You should always be thinking about your business brand and image. This is something that can come shining through on social media, so make sure you know what tone you want to have with your posts. If you are looking to create a certain persona online, be sure to stick with it because consistency is vital when developing a brand.

Provide people with the information they need to know about your business
Think about what people want to know from you. Your business name, your website address, a contact telephone number and an address of any physical outlet are all crucial aspects for people when considering whether to do business with a company. As a travel agent, it is likely that you will belong to a tourism body, so this information should be provided as well. Providing consumers with relevant information that they want to know about your business makes life easier for you and them.

Drive people to your site or booking page
Developing a following and entertaining people on Facebook is important, but what is your end goal? Ultimately you want to increase bookings and this means that there should be some mechanism to drive people towards your site or booking page. You can place a Call-To-Action button on your Facebook page, and this will be the obvious element to link to your booking page.

Use original content
Facebook thrives on content, especially original content. As a travel agent you are in an ideal position to offer images and video content of your destinations. This means you have scope to provide original and relevant content that people want to see and which will inform people about what you offer. This is why you need to take advantage of the desire for original content on Facebook.

Provide lists
Lists are easy to create, they are informative and they get people chatting. There is an almost limitless supply of topics you can create lists about. It may be the 10 things you need to have in your suitcase, the 5 things people forget when heading to the airport or any number of lists based on the best destinations ore tourist attractions in a particular area. Lists will also encourage your followers to engage and debate the topic, so you should see some action on your page as well.

Monitor comments and respond to people
Hopefully people are commenting and engaging on your site and if they are, you need to monitor the comments. If someone praises you or leaves a good tip for other users, be sure to compliment that user. If someone complains, try and resolve their issue. You should rarely delete a negative comment (bad language or libellous comments should be deleted quickly), instead, you should consider it an opportunity to offer good customer service and improve the way a certain customer thinks of your business.

Set up a reviews tab
User reviews are crucial in the social media era. This is the best way to give users confidence in what you offer and with Facebook, you can set up a review tab and populate it with reviews or link it to a review site that will then populate the review tab with genuine reviews from past customers.

Run competitions

Facebook is full of competitions and this is because they are easy to set up and highly effective. If you set up a competition that encourages people to engage and share your content, your travel agents page will be placed in front of a lot of people. If you are looking to increase awareness about your brand, Facebook competitions are ideal.

Offer bonuses or discounts to Facebook followers
It makes sense to reward the loyalty of your Facebook followers and you can do this by providing them with bonuses or special offers. Something small like a free gift or 10% off when making an order can make all the difference in ensuring people like what you do and share it with their friends.

Double check all information posted on your Facebook page
This is a tip for everything you do but be sure to check all of the information on your Facebook page and be sure to look out for typos or errors in your posts. You should aim to set a high standard when it comes to your Facebook posts so always double check what you post.

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Ian Watson
Agent Travel UK

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