10 Innovative Social Media Campaigns For A Hotelier

Hoteliers have to use social media to reach out to guests and potential guests, but you want to be innovative and interesting in how you engage with your guests. You don’t want to provide the same form of content that every other hotel offers so these 10 innovative social media campaigns for an hotelier will hopefully provide you with some great tips and ideas.

Use customer feedback as infographic content
If you have used social media for any amount of time, you will know that motivational or inspirational images and comments are very popular. In fact, they have grown so popular that they have been lampooned and parodied in many places but this doesn’t detract from the fact that people like to see inspiring content over stylish images in the background.

This is something that your hotel can take advantage of. If you have received positive comments from customers or guests, why not place them over a stylish image of your hotel? There are many apps and online sites that make it easy for you to combine comments and images in a professional looking way. This is the sort of content that gets shared frequently on Facebook and it can help to promote your business. Be sure to mention your hotel name and add a link wherever you can.

Update daily on special offers / dish of the day / chef specialities
One of the strongest aspects of social media is that it provides real time information. This means you should be looking to keep your guests updated with the daily activities of the show. If you have aspects of your service that change on a daily basis, you should be using your social media account to keep guests informed with what is on offer that day.

It could be the soup of the day, the chef’s special or even the game that is played in the pool but if you provide guests with a reason to check in to your social media account every single day, you will have a much better chance of connecting with them.

Food or drink orders made through Twitter
This may be advanced for some hotels but there is a growing awareness of the ability to take orders from Twitter. If you link a guests account to their social media account, they can message or DM the bar staff to inform them of their drink order. Another way to use this form of connectivity would be guests placing dinner requests on social media before they come to the table or the dining room.

This provides guests with a reason to connect with you on social media but it can also help to improve the efficiency of service offered by your hotel.

Create a hashtag for your hotel
While hashtags are very important for Twitter, they can be used on a wide range of social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Creating a simple yet memorable hashtag for your hotel gives you the chance to stay in touch with everything that is going on at your own hotel. It also gives you an easy to use word or title that you can use in your promotional activities to provide further insight into what you offer.

If you run a traditional press campaign adding the hashtag in the advert allows people to check you out on social media while seeing what other people say about you. If customers are making positive remarks about the service on offer, this hashtag will play a massive role in providing social proof of the quality of service you offer.

Go behind the scenes
People love to see “behind the scenes” footage or find out things that they probably shouldn’t or wouldn’t have known or seen in the past. The ease of taking images and short video clips makes it very simple to show your employees hard at work.

A great way to go behind the scenes is to showcase your kitchen staff carrying out their duties. While you should be talking to staff and showing them undertake their duties, you’ll find that showcasing clean kitchen worktops and good quality ingredients will help customers to feel at ease with what you provide.

Create video tours of the local area
You should be looking to showcase more than just your hotel and by creating video tours of the local area, you will give people reasons to engage with you and see what you have to offer. Other local residents or businesses may link to and share your footage, and you’ll be regarded as a good option within the local community.

Acting in this manner showcases the local community more than it does your business but in the long run, this will have a positive impact on how you are viewed by others.

Create video clips of how people get to your hotel from airport / train station / landmarks
You want to make it as easy as possible for people to find your hotel, so show them how to get there. Go to the nearest airport or train station and take photos and video clips of where people should stand or move to in order to get the right bus or train. This is information that can make people’s lives an awful lot easier, and is something that will help people to feel much more positively disposed to what you offer.

Run competitions at your hotel

Competitions are very popular on social media and you can run social media competitions for people staying at your hotel. Whether this is a treasure hunt or a quiz, getting people checking in to your site for quizzes or clues will create a greater sense of connectivity and engagement between your hotel and guests. There is also the fact that families with children may be looking for interesting ways to occupy their kids, and a competition could be just the thing to keep the children happy while giving the parents a break. It may also be that running social media quizzes will keep more people on site during the day or night, which can lead to increased food and drink sales.

Provide money-off offers to social media followers
If you want to encourage people to engage with you on social media, give them a reward for doing so. One of the simplest ways to reward guests is to give them a free drink, or money off food or maybe even a free/discounted offer for a locker, safety deposit box or some other accessory that you offer.

Allow guests to curate parts of your menu
If you have space on your menu to add a different meal or you want to allow people to choose between certain items, ask on social media or run a poll. Facebook and Twitter allow polls and quizzes to be created in no time at all, and this will offer a strong level of engagement to your audience. Even something similar like asking what the most popular ice cream flavour you sell or could sell can provide you with important information and it allows guests to feel as though their opinion is valued.

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Travel UK

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