10 Reasons Why A Travel Agent Should Be Using Social Media

If you are a travel agent and you aren’t using social media, why not? Social media is integral to your business and here are 10 reasons why a travel agent should be using social media.

You can receive great feedback
One of the best aspects of social media is that you engage with people and they can provide you with feedback. Whether you have to ask for feedback or people are more than willing to share their thoughts and opinions with you, you have a chance to find out what people think of your service. This is invaluable for a business and when you engage properly on social media, you can receive this information for free!

You can provide a better standard of customer service
Businesses should always be looking to improve the standard of customer service they offer and through proper use of social media platforms; you can offer more information, advice and guidance to your customers. You can also offer a swift response or acknowledgment, which is often vital in placating customers or ensuring they receive the best standard of support at all times.

Your content will be shared
When it comes to increasing awareness of your services, being shared on sites like Facebook or Twitter can make all the difference. Social media sharing is at the heart of developing an audience so make sure that you provide people with (positive) reasons to talk about you or to offer content about your resorts or services.
When it comes to booking holidays, customer reviews and recommendations on social media platforms have a big impact on what people do next, so focus on this area.

It is free
You’ll find that social media content can be created and disseminated for free, so why aren’t you using it? Yes, to make the most of social media advertising, you need to pay, but with great content and sensible strategies, you’ll find that there is an opportunity to reach out to people and develop your audience.

It provides a chance to offer instant up to date news
As social media operates in real time, there is a genuine opportunity to present up to date and relevant news. This may be a good way of contacting customers but it can also allow you to get involved with conversations or gain publicity from major stories. If you are using social media, use it properly by remaining alert to what is happening and positing up to date and relevant content.

It helps to develop or reinforce your brand
With good use of social media, you can create an image or identity for your business that will help you to stick in the mind of your customers. No matter what sort of image you want to project, you’ll find that it is possible to bolster and reinforce this image with your content and how you present yourself on social media. Whether you are fun, serious, quirky or simplistic, you can present your identity and brand in an easy and consistent manner with social media sites.

Images and video content are perfect for social media
Anything related to the travel or tourism industry will have great photos and video content to share. Social media platforms are the ideal places to share this content so no matter what snaps or video you want to pass on, make sure that you place them on social media sites.

You can offer discounts, promotions and competitions
If you are looking to run competitions or offer discounts or promotions to your users, you will find that social media sites are the best place to do so. The fact that people can share these posts or talk about great deals they received means that your content is likely to be shared with a lot of people, helping to increase brand awareness of your company.

All of your team members can get involved
With social media platforms, all of your team members who want to get involved can do so. This is good for morale and it will also ensure that you can present a lot of different ideas and viewpoints, making it more likely that you will engage and connect with people. When it comes to involving your team in what you do, harnessing the capabilities of social media makes perfect sense.

Your rivals are using it
Another very good reason to use social media is the fact that your rivals will be using it. If you don’t get involved with social media, you’ll likely find yourself lagging behind while your peers and rivals lap up the benefits of being on social media. Don’t let this happen to you, make sure that you are found on all of the main social media platforms.

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