10 Twitter Tips For A Hotelier

Social media is vital for any business and if you are a hotelier, you need to make the most of platforms like Twitter. Here are 10 Twitter tips for a hotelier to follow to boost their social media presence.

Be regular
One of the biggest problems that hoteliers have with tweeting is that they started in an excited manner but before too long, they are bored or frustrated. Before you start using Twitter, it is important to know that it is unlikely you will receive immediate benefits. You need to be prepared to work hard over a long period of time, so post regularly and consistently.

Tweet about your surrounding area
In addition to tweeting about your hotel and what you have to offer, make sure you tweet about the local area. If you are close to a major tourist attraction or there is something of interest in the local area, let people know. This places you as an expert with respect to the local area, and you will be regarded as a pillar of the local community.

Tweet about and connect with local businesses

If you receive a great service from a local store, restaurant or bar, tweet about it. This will be of benefit to your guests, it shows that you are supporting the local community and it may see these businesses recommending or linking to you. Working alongside businesses in your local area makes sense because you all benefit from creating a better local community and experience for the user.

Acknowledge RTs and mentions
If people RT you or they talk about you, acknowledge the conversation. If they offer you praise, thank you for their comments. If the feedback is negative, engage the user and see if you can improve or repair the situation. Never ignore bad feedback as it provides you with an opportunity to improve your reputation.

Engage in conversation
Don’t just wait for other people to talk about you, engage them in conversation. Search for your own name, your local area or people who are located in and around your hotel. Engaging these people in conversation can provide your business with feedback and you can position yourself as a firm that cares about the local community.

Ask questions
This is so simple but it is vital for creating a good profile on Twitter. If you want people to talk to you, ask them a question. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a deep or profound question but if you ask someone something, they’ll likely answer and this gives you the platform to talk more.

If you RTs, limit your tweets to 120 characters
Receiving a retweet from users is great news, so make it easier for them. If you can limit your post to 120 characters, it will be easier for people to RT your message and for your message to be seen by Twitter users. Twitter is evolving and “quote tweets” provide the chance for users to take your original tweet and comment on it, but being concise is rarely bad advice on Twitter!

Provide hotel news and information
If you have news and information about your hotel, share it on Twitter. This could be the run-down of games and activities at your hotel, it could be the specials of the day or it could be any planned changes or alterations in service. Your Twitter account is the ideal platform for sharing news and information with your audience.

Do a Q&A with employees
People love to see a personal side to your business so do Q&A sessions with your employees on Twitter. This can provide great insight into your hotel and it helps people to develop a bond or relationship with your hotel.

Analyse your tweets
To make sure you are tweeting at the right time or with the right content, analyse your tweets. Twitter provides information about engagement and interaction so review your tweets and work out if there are some that engage your audience and some that have no impact at all.

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Travel UK

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