12 Ways A Hotelier Should Be Using Social Media

While most hoteliers accept that they should be using social media, if you are new to social media, it can be difficult to know how to get started. There is no reason to be wary of social media and here are 12 ways an hotelier should be using social media.

Showcasing images of your hotel
When people are thinking about booking a hotel, images will play a big part in their decision. This means that you should be providing as many stylish and fun images of your hotel as possible. Whether this is the rooms, the reception area, dining rooms, shared rooms, the ground or the entrance is up to you but social media is a great place to share images, so make sure you let people see what you have to offer.

Showcasing video content of your hotel
Video content is becoming increasingly common on social media platforms so make sure that you create plenty of video clips of your hotel and grounds. This will provide people with a better idea of space, location and what you have to offer. The technology of smartphones means that you don’t need to spend a lot of money in creating great video content but this is the sort of content that will be liked and shared on social media platforms.

Sharing customer reviews and testimonials
When it comes to social media, social proof is very important. If people are saying nice things about your hotel and the service that you offer, you need to let other people know. Whether this is through RTing or sharing comments or creating images and video content that utilises these comments is up to you but you need to let other people see what your guests have to say.

Listening to what your customers have to say
When it comes to social media, if you are not listening, you are not using it properly. Feedback and customer information is vital for your business and this is something that you can get for free and instantly on social media. You should encourage conversations, you should ask for feedback and you should also carry out searches on your hotel name or local people. It may be that people are talking about you but not to you, and this is important information to find out.

Providing breaking news or important information to your audience
One of the best things about social media is that it allows you to provide real-time information. Whether this is important news about your offers, promotions or you just want to inform guests of a change to your menu, posting social media news updates will help you to spread the word about what is on offer at your hotel.

Connecting with local businesses
If you are using social media correctly, you will be aiming to create relationships and partnerships with local businesses. It may be that there is a local taxi service that provides a great service so why not link to them on Facebook or talk about the great service they provide? This helps your customers to get around while staying safe but it may mean you can develop a business relationship in the future with these firms.

Promoting the local area
You aren’t just looking to promote your local hotel; you want to be an ambassador for the local community and area. If you want people to come and stay in your resort, they need to feel that your area has a lot to offer. Social media makes it easy to provide video content or photographs of the local area so get sharing great pictures and video clips and make sure people want to come to your area and hotel.

Offering tourist tips and sight-seeing advice
You can go one step further and create tourist tips for your local area. If you can position yourself as an expert in your local area, you’ll be trusted, and trust is vital when it comes to connecting with people on social media. This is a good way of subtly promoting your area, so don’t just focus on what you have to offer, show what the local area has to offer to tourists.

Running competitions

No matter what business you are in, you need to be running competitions on social media. This gets people engaged, it gets them sharing content and it allows other people to see what you have to offer. This means you can significantly increase awareness of what you do and offer, and competitions don’t take any time to create.

Showcasing your staff
People like to get to know the people behind a company. There is a lot to be said for showing the personal side of your business and when you showcase your employees, you make your business seem friendlier. Sending tweets, images or video clips of your team hard at work will go a long way to helping you connect to your audience.

Asking questions
If you want to make the most of social media you need to be involved with conversations and one of the best ways to start a conversation is to ask a question. It doesn’t even have to be a question related to your business or service, it can be a simple “how is your day going?” If you ask questions, you’ll find that you enjoy a lot more engagement on social media.

Another way that hotels can benefit from being active on social media is with respect to social media. If local people follow your account, you can post about vacancies or give information and tips on what skills people need to work at your hotel. You can also showcase the positive benefits of working with you, which means that people will be keen to apply for a role with your business.

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Travel UK

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