12 Ways a Tourist Board should be using Social Media

Tourist boards need to be using social media sites and here are 12 great ways a tourist board should be utilising social media.

Ask for feedback, listen to feedback and act on it
If traditional marketing was about talking to a user, social media is about having a conversation with a user. This is why you should realise quickly that the best way to utilise social media is to make it a two way conversation.

Ask questions of people, encourage feedback and reviews and when someone speaks to you, listen, acknowledge and act upon it. It is important to make people feel as though their comments carry merit and that you will respond in an effective manner.

Post when it suits your audience, not you
You have to think about your end user. It may be convenient to post on your social media during your working hours but if this is a time when your intended audience is sleeping or working, is it reaching the people you want to reach? You need to provide content at the most relevant times for your audience.

Create your own images and video content
Social media sites are great for sharing images and video content and you should look to create your own content. Do you want to use stock images that every site can use or do you want to have images that you took and which stand apart from other sites? You can also encourage users to upload their images and video content to your platforms but to start with, get your camera or phone out and generate lots of unique and relevant content of your own.

Encourage users to share content
Given that holidaymakers are going to post holiday snaps and video content on their social media platforms, encourage them to also post on to your pages or to tag you in. This will allow you to share the content while also ensuring that your brand is seen by more people.

Don’t always sell and promote your own services or products
While it is tempting to promote what you offer, social media isn’t just about selling. It is about developing relationships and building trust. It is as important for a tourist board to be seen as an expert in their area, so make sure that you offer guidance and advice about where to go, what to see and things to do.

You social media output shouldn’t always be about making money or sales, in fact, the majority of your content should be about relevant yet non-promotional topics.

Post in different languages
If you’re intended audience or customers do not speak the same language as you normally do, you need to make sure that your content can be read by them. Posting content in various languages can increase your reach and ensure you provide a relevant service to all of your users.

Provide news and localised content
You want to be seen as a hub for your local area so share content from others, post news stories and ensure that people find out about what is going on in your local area.

Don’t think that everything local is relevant news
While it is good to provide a local feel, you don’t need to provide all areas of local news. You can provide links to local news-portals and allow people to trawl through stories if they want to, but continually bombarding them with irrelevant stories will be a turn-off.

You don’t need to be on every social media platform
You should be on more than one social media platform but if you try to use too many, you will spread yourself thin. Use Facebook and Twitter and then think about what is best for you. If you attract business users, use LinkedIn. If you have great images and video content to share, use Instagram or Flickr. If you have great video content to offer, use YouTube.

Don’t auto-post from one social media platform to another
While you want to be on different social media platforms, don’t just share the same content on the different platforms. There are options to do this manually or to have it automated for you but if all you do is offer the same content on different platforms; there is no incentive for users to follow you on different platforms.

Use Facebook advertising
Facebook advertising is still affordable and with the targeting capabilities, you can reach the audience that you want to. Whether you want to advertise to people of a certain age, from a certain country or with a certain interest, Facebook advertising is the cost effective way to do so.

Run competitions and provide benefits for social media engagement
You will find that people want to share content and engage with you, but you should encourage this by providing bonuses or incentives for people to post images, provide insight and share content on your social media sites.

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