2019 Is Looming – Update your Social Media Presence To Attract Guests

When it comes to making the most of social media, there is a great deal to be said for planning ahead. In the travel industry, this is something that most operators and hotels already deal with. After all, while there is a market for last-minute deals, there is a strong market for people planning their next holiday months in advance.

Even though we are in autumn of 2018, there will be many people and households arranging their 2019 plans. A lot of ski resorts have accommodation booked all the way through to Easter and there will be hotels who have limited capacity for the summer of 2019. Hotels like to have their rooms booked in advance, but many holidaymakers also like to plan their trips and have their holiday booked months before it takes place.

There are many reasons holidaymakers like to book a hotel in advance
For some travellers, booking in advance helps them to save money or it could assist with arranging their work requirements. There is also a lot to be said for booking a holiday in advance to give you something to look forward to. People work hard, and the thought of a break can revitalise them and get them through difficult days. Therefore, hotels need to be mindful that many customers are looking for information about deals, offers and availability months in advance, and this means you should have a focus on 2019 with your current posting strategy.

If you offer exclusive deals when people book in advance, it makes sense to feature these deals right now. Sales, money-off or great deals are always likely to be shared on social media so not only can you catch the attention of people who already follow you or who have booked with you before, you may find that your content will find its way to people who haven’t booked with your previously. Also, if your deals or offers are shared by people, this acts like a recommendation, which can make new customers more receptive to your posts.

Be aware of why people are likely to travel in 2019
If there are any major events or special occasions in or around your resort, it makes sense to promote these events and yourself now. As people like to book travel plans in advance of a major event, and if a major event is likely to be busy, creating awareness and attention of a major event makes sense. Sharing information about the event, your proximity to the event or why you are the ideal hotel to choose for people who will be travelling in that area will convince people to book with you.

When it comes to achieving success in the travel industry, planning and preparation are essential. At Agent Travel, we are pleased to say we have helped many hotels create social content that draws people to their account and which convinces people to book holidays. If you want to ensure 2019 is a hugely successful year for your hotel, contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.