5 Ways Travel Agents Make Your Customers Dreams Come True

If you are a travel agent who sells significant holidays, the sort of trips that are called a once in a lifetime vacation, you help make customer’s dreams come true. These are the holidays that people look forward to for such a long time, and they intend to look back on them for many years to come.

This trip isn’t any holiday, and its likely holidaymakers will do a lot more research when booking this style of holiday. Therefore, you need to present yourself as the agent that makes their life easy, bringing their perfect holiday to life.

If you’re a travel agency that offers memorable holidays, here are five ways travel agents make your customers’ dreams come true.

1. You listen to your audience, and you ask them what makes a dream holiday
2. You allow people to customise key aspects of their trip
3. You share content from other holidaymakers that fire up the imagination
4. You provide a personalised service that makes your customer feel at the heart of their holiday
5. You are on hand in case of problems

If you follow these five tips, you stand a better chance of being the travel agent people love to book with.

You listen to your audience, and you ask them what makes a dream holiday
While there will be many components of a major holiday that is the same for all holidaymakers, a dream holiday will have a personal element for travellers. Each group or solo traveller will have something in mind that makes this holiday very special for them.

Your role is to find what would make this trip the best holiday the customer will ever have. You could guess, you could look back to what previous holidaymakers said, or you could ask people what makes their dream holiday.

With social media, you have the perfect opportunity to engage your audience and get their thoughts on what makes a holiday unique to them. You should ask questions, but you should also research hashtags and comments aimed at other travel agencies and tour operators.

Social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide you with an opportunity to get to know what your audience dreams of. By being active and proactive, on these sites, you engage your audience, and you get to know them.

Once you know what constitutes a dream holiday for your audience, it becomes a lot easier to give people what they desire.

You allow people to customise key aspects of their trip
Following on from the importance of listening and asking questions, you need to put this information into use. If your audience provides you with tips or pointers on how they can enjoy the trip more, you should put it into action.

It may be a simple request like ensuring the whole family sits together on the plane, or that the hotel caters to their dietary needs. To some people, these requests sound trivial, but to others, they are the sort of thing that makes or breaks a holiday.

If people request something, and you can put it into place, without too much inconvenience, you should do so.

Also, if you can meet requests, share this information on social media. In a competitive marketplace, you need to find ways to differentiate yourself from other travel agents and bookers. When many companies are looking at their bottom line and wanting to minimise their workload, you can stand out from the crowd by offering specialist services.

When you operate in the sector of high-end holidays or once in a lifetime trip, it is likely customers pay a premium price. Therefore, they expect a premium service, and if you deliver this expected service, you’ll become the company people love to travel with and recommend to others.

You share content from other holidaymakers that fire up the imagination
There is no denying the importance of social networking sites to the travel industry. User-generated content drives a considerable amount of bookings. You have travellers reminded of great trips they enjoyed in the past, looking to recapture those magical moments and memories.

You also have people looking on at other travellers trips with envy. Nothing inspires a holiday booking like the feeling that comes from being sat at home or in work on a miserable day while scrolling through Facebook images of friends or colleagues having a brilliant time.

Therefore, you want to share as much user-generated content as you can. Showing other holidaymakers enjoying themselves and loving their vacation means people will show an interest in how you can help them have a brilliant time.

As a travel agent, look into hashtags that you can create or tap into, which helps you share user-generated content to the world. You can also consider providing customers with bonuses for tagging you into the content. By encouraging people to share their content with you, you get a massive part of your market content for free, and it is marketing content which delivers results!

You provide a personalised service that makes your customer feel at the heart of their holiday
Don’t treat your customers as interchangeable people; make them feel special. Adding personal touches such as a welcome gift at their hotel or a snack for the plane is a brilliant touch that makes people feel special.

When you add a personalised touch to your activities, people are more likely to share this moment on social media. If you are looking to stand out from the crowd on social media, make people feel special, and they will share you with their world.

You are on hand in case of problems
Hopefully, nothing will go wrong on a customer’s holiday, but many things can go wrong. The most critical issue for a travel operator or agency is how you react to problems. One of the best ways for an agency to be contactable is to be on social media.

Having a robust social presence ensures you are accountable, and it means you can act instantly. If you have important news to share, you can share it on Facebook and Twitter instantly. If people need to get in touch with you quickly, social media is often the ideal platform.

However, to be a company that engages your audience like this, you need to cultivate a strong social media presence. If you don’t update regularly, people don’t have a reason to follow you. If you are slow to provide updates on social platforms, there is no incentive for your guests to look out for your posts.

By developing an active social presence, you create an appearance that people want to see and follow. This is the platform for active engagement, allowing you to inform and help people in a hurry. Ideally, nothing will go wrong on holiday, but if it does, you want to make sure you get your message across to the right people, as quickly as possible.

At Agent Travel, we know you are desperate to help holidaymakers enjoy a dream trip. With our help, you can, so please get in touch today to arrange a consultation as to how we can help your travel agency.

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