8 Good Reasons Why A Hotelier Should Be Using Facebook Advertising

Many businesses have been attracted to Facebook due to the fact that there is a very good chance to connect with your audience at no cost. This is clearly something that appeals and given that images and videos make up the majority of shared and liked Facebook content; this is the ideal platform for an hotelier.

However, Facebook has made it harder to build an audience in an organic manner, which means that Facebook Advertising is important. You may be thinking that you’d rather not spend money on Facebook Advertising but here are 8 good reasons why an hotelier should be using Facebook Advertising.

You can target who you reach
The most effective way to run an advert is to aim it directly at the people you want to reach. Facebook Advertising allows you to choose who sees your advert and there are many different demographic segments you can choose. Whether you want to appeal to people of a certain age group, people from certain areas, families or people with certain hobbies or interests, Facebook Advertising provides you with the opportunity to directly reach the people you want to engage with.

You stay in full control of your message and brand
When it comes to advertising, it is vital that you stay in full control of your brand. With Facebook Advertising, you can change things in an instant and it is very easy to use. This means that you will be able to create adverts that are right for you and which set out the message that you want to deliver. This is why you should look to utilise Facebook Advertising when you want to develop your brand.

You set limits of how much to pay
One of the biggest concerns for people when it comes to advertising of any sort is the costs involved. You may worry about the cost of Facebook advertising spiralling away from you but this doesn’t have to be the case because you can specifically state a daily budget or a total budget for your campaign. Knowing that you cannot spend beyond a certain amount is a great comfort to many hoteliers and this is why Facebook Advertising is an appealing business option.

You can start, stop or change strategy instantly
One of the best things about Facebook Advertising is that you can make changes instantly. With a traditional advertising campaign, once certain decisions have been made and actions have been taken, it may cost too much money, time or effort to make changes to the campaign. This isn’t the case with Facebook Advertising campaigns, which can be impacted upon immediately.

There is strong analytical support
One of the most important aspects of any campaign is how it is analysed. You need to be able to determine what worked and what doesn’t, and this is why Facebook Advertising is such a great option. The analytical information and data that you receive will ensure you can determine what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to have better success in future campaigns. There is an ongoing process to get the best from Facebook Advertising but the tools provided by Facebook helps you to stay in full control.

Your audience is on Facebook
Let’s face it, the reason you want to be on Facebook is because this is where your audience is. The fact that you can target your audience makes Facebook Advertising the best option for your business needs but the fact that people socialise on Facebook makes this the obvious place to visit when it comes to promoting your business.

Facebook is a great platform for sharing content
The point of Facebook Advertising isn’t just in reaching one person or the people you target, you can benefit from them sharing content with others. Reaching out to people gives you access to them, but it can also put you in front of their friends, family members and colleagues. A successful advertising campaign can help you to reach a considerable number of people.

It is easy to set up and manage
One of the best reasons to use Facebook Advertising is that it is easy to use and manage, Facebook provides plenty of guides on how to use the Advertising tools and even then, there is plenty of help available from Facebook advertising experts. When it comes to achieving benefits while making your life easier, Facebook Advertising is an excellent choice.

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Travel UK

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