9 Ways a Tourist Attraction Can Maximise the Use of Social Media

If you run a tourist attraction, you need to be looking for ways to connect with users on social media. Here are 9 ways a tourist attraction can maximise the use of social media.

Offer free Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi as a promotion
If you are in a position to offer free Wi-Fi at your attraction, either completely free or perhaps as part of a promotion (offer a Wi-Fi code for every drink or snack purchased), you should do so. People will likely be taking pictures of your attraction or themselves at your attraction and giving them the chance to immediately post these online without any cost to them will encourage users to share content of your attraction.

Allow users to check in or tag themselves in at the attraction
Make sure that your attraction can be found on Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter. When people check-in at your attraction, this will be shared with all of their friends and followers, increasing awareness of your brand.

Provide incentives for tagging you into images
Once you have ensured that people can check-in with your attraction, offer them incentives to do so. Perhaps provide them with entry to a prize draw or a discount at the gift store or snack bar by showing the check-in they created. You want as many people to find out about your attraction as possible so incentivising the sharing of your content is an important step.

Create hashtags
Make it easy for people to join in the discussion about your attraction. Create a hashtag and publicise it around the area or on any material you provide to users. This means that you have access to a lot of user generated content and anyone searching for what you offer will have a lot of content to peruse.

Set up an area with a social media focused backdrop
If you want people to take selfies and images of themselves at your resort or attraction, why not dedicate an area where this sort of behaviour is encouraged. This will lead to more people taking these images but it also means that if people want nothing to do with this behaviour (and there will be people who avoid social media and the craze for sharing content), they can steer clear of the main area where this activity is taking place.

Run a competition for best images or video content
Run a competition on Facebook or Twitter where users have to post their images and video content. If you ensure that these users have to like or comment on your page to enter, your page will be shown to their friends and family members. If you base the judging criteria on how many likes an image or content receives, the entrants will be motivated to share the content, which drives new users to your page.

Ask questions and search for mentions
Ask questions about your service and the attraction. It may be that people have ideas to improve your service or there may be issues that you don’t realise. Finding this out directly from customers will help you to offer a better standard of service.

Also, don’t just rely on people contacting you directly with a problem, search under your name and local area, it may be that people are discussing your attraction (for good or bad) and you don’t know about it. It may be that you can offer advice, solutions or you could even find out positive things about what you offer.

Take your own images and ask to tag people
You will find that many visitors will take their own images and post on to social media, why not ask guests if you can take their picture and then tag them when you upload it. This gives you lots of great content and it will see your branding being shared on your user’s timelines and pages.

Promote your social media addresses
Make sure that people know where to find you on social media. You should place your social media addresses on tickets, brochures, leaflets and any other material you provide. You should look to avoid plastering the attraction with this information but on all related content, make sure that people know where they can find you.

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