Addressing Customer Concerns To Boost Bookings

While every industry has been hit hard by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions in our daily lives, some sectors have been affected more than others. The hospitality sector and the travel industry have faced a torrid time, and it is understandable that professionals operating in these sectors are desperate to return to some form of normality.

There will be some customers who feel the same, and who will sign up for packages and trips without a second thought. After the year and a half people have endured, you wouldn’t blame anyone for booking without a thought, and being determined to enjoy themselves come what may.

Of course, this isn’t the full story. There will be many prospective customers and holiday-makers who are keen to book a break and enjoy a holiday, but they have doubts and concerns. Anyone running the promotional or customer service side of travel companies needs to address these customer concerns, and this is where the use of social media, and online content, is vital.

Your role is to find out what concerns these people, find out the barriers to them booking or travelling now, and do what you can to remove these obstacles. There will be some things you cannot do or change, but finding out the problems people have that you can resolve, and resolving them, will help you welcome more customers, hopefully old and new, to your resort, destination or travel company.

Ask questions on social media to see what people’s concerns are

It is obvious your customers, both existing and prospective, have concerns about travelling. You might have concerns yourself, both as a business and as a potential traveller, and this can provide you with a starting place in answering these problems.

However, it is best to speak to your customers directly and ask them what they need to see or do to feel happy about travelling. Social media gives all businesses a chance to engage their audience directly, and you should ask questions on social media that allows people to tell you what they think.

You might be surprised at how willing people are to talk about their concerns, and when one person starts talking or asking questions, others will follow. Before too long, you will have a list of concerns, and by addressing these issues, you position yourself as the travel option people trust.

Look at what your rivals are doing

While times have been tough for you and your business of late, it is fair to say life hasn’t been easy for your rivals. They are likely in the same position as you, and there is a good chance that they are looking to connect with prospective clients, or find out about what people expect from them.

If your rivals are doing nothing, this is positive news for you, as it helps you to get ahead of them in the eyes of customers. If your rivals are engaging the audience, look at what they are doing. See if there is an approach you can replicate and do better, see if there are genuine questions or concerns you can answer or resolve.

It is vital travel firms know what their rivals do, and react or respond in a way that helps them better connect with customers.

Stay up to date with latest Government guidance and curate informative news

No matter your political persuasion or thoughts on people running their respective country, there are restrictions travellers and travel companies must adhere to. It is helpful for you to share all relevant news and explain how guidance or regulations impact on your customers.

If you position yourself as a trusted place for news and guidance on travel news, you will boost your reputation in the industry. You should look to stay in touch with news and regulations for your own sake and business, therefore, you should have the information that your audience needs at hand.

Create video content showing what steps you are taking

If you are in a position to welcome guests, create video content of the current process for people visiting you. This is as true for someone running a travel agent store on the High Street as it is for someone running a hotel.

Show someone entering your premises in the expected manner, and walk people through the process step-by-step. This provides people with guidance on how they should interact with you, but also, it shows you take things seriously.

Many people will only book, travel or stay with a company who shows they take the pandemic seriously, and who are determined to offer a safe environment. Creating videos of the welcoming process, how people move about your premises, and even the cleaning work you carry out, will help people to feel more confident about you.

Run live Q&A sessions where people can ask you questions

Live video streams are popular on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and they are even gaining traction on LinkedIn. It isn’t a bad idea for you to do live Q&A sessions at the best of times, but right now, when people have genuine questions, you should make yourself available to answer these questions.

Repurpose the content from the live Q&A sessions into other formats

Not only will you benefit from answering questions live, you can use this video content later. You can chop it into smaller video pieces and share on your social platforms. You can use the content to create a blog post, and you can use it in your email newsletters. The content can be used for podcasts, and many other ways.

Not everyone has the time or ability to watch a full livestream so sharing useful information at a later date, in accessible ways, will help you reach more people with valuable information. This will help position you as a professional people trust and rely on.

At Agent Travel, we appreciate travel agents are looking for ways to connect and communicate with customers in a very different world from the traditional travel sector. You can argue each travel agent is similar because they provide holidays for travellers, but each travel agent and each customer is unique. We can help you connect with potential travellers, and make sure you are seen as the agent that meets and exceeds the expectations of your customers.

If you want to engage your audience and ensure you provide a consistent message across all your communication and notes, contact Agent Travel today.