Are You Encouraging UGC In Your Hotel?

When it comes to social media for hotels, there is no shortage of content ideas. The holiday industry thrives on images and video content which puts people in the heart of tour resort. Therefore, all hotels should be active on social media.

However, if your social media images and video content are highly polished and create unrealistic expectations, this content could do more harm than good. We live in a cynical time, and overly commercial content is a turn-off for many people, particularly on social media.

People want to see believable content, and they want proof you are a good hotel. You will find that a simple review or shared content from a guest connects with future holidaymakers more easily than the content you produce yourself. Therefore, hotels need to encourage user-generated content or UGC.

You need your guests to deliver UGC for you
The leading benefits of UGC include:

• UGC is based on what people think of you and the experience you offer, which means it is fantastic for showcasing your brand
• UGC works well with social media growth campaigns such as competitions or hashtags
• UGC develops social proof and allows your followers to see genuine users having a great time at your hotel
• You save time by having your users generate content for you
• People love to share content which involves them, so your brand will enjoy a greater reach
• With your extended reach, you will be recommended by someone people know or trust, which means there is a greater likelihood people will take the time to get to know you
• In a study undertaken by Kissmetrics, “25% of search results for the World’s Top 20 largest brands are links to user-generated content.”
• UGC provides you with insight into what your customers think
• UGC content is unique, and no one else has this content you share
• UGC taps into the growing trend of personalisation of social media marketing, and marketing in general

With so many benefits of UGC, every organisation should consider if it is right for them, but hotels are ideally placed to prosper through this style of content.

Hotels and holidays are popular topics on social media. People love to share their holiday photographs and video clips. These social media shares inspire other people to book and encourage guests and previous guests to rebook a holiday with you.

How can a hotel encourage UGC?
There are many ways a hotel can encourage UGC, including:

• Offering free Wi-Fi for guests
• Reminding guests of the hotel’s social media accounts and encouraging guests to tag you into content
• Run competitions where users have to create and share UGC to enter
• Generate hashtags for the hotel, and provide guests with incentives to use these hashtags
• Create your content where team members create and share content at the hotel, allowing guests to see this content

If you create an atmosphere where guests are happy to create and share content, you will benefit from UGC.

At Agent Travel, we are pleased to say we have worked closely with many hotels in developing social strategies. It is possible to create a physical environment, and a social media presence, which encourages guests to create and share at UGC at your hotel. If you are keen to benefit from UGC and want to reach out to new followers, contact Agent Travel, and we will be more than happy to help you.

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