Binge Viewing: Can This Work For Hotels and Travel Agents?

It is no exaggeration to say people love binge-watching their favourite shows these days. No matter what genre you are into, how often do you settle down to watch an episode and the next thing you know, its 3 am, and you are going to be very grumpy at work in the morning!

There are many reasons why people binge-watch shows, but the best shows all contain a cliff-hanger element. How can you go to sleep or carry on with your daily chores when your heart is in your mouth wondering what is going to happen next to characters you are emotionally invested in.

It is this desire to know what happens next that ensures people convince themselves they’ll watch one more episode. Of course, by the end of that episode, there is another nail-biting climax, and the thought process begins again.

The run of fantastic shows that inspire binge-watching is endless. Classic TV like The West Wing, The Wire, Sopranos, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones have people hooked on streaming platforms which allow them to watch show after show.

Given the hold these shows have over their audience, a very captive audience, it is natural that businesses ask can they achieve the same outcome? If you are a hotel, can you create content that makes people pay attention to every post, craving your next content and which leaves them breathless, advocating your output to anyone who listens to them?

It’s a bit of a push, but there is no reason why a hotel cannot create content that keeps people coming back for more.

Know your audience
Before you worry too much about creating content, think about your audience. You need to know who your audience is and what content they are looking for. When you understand how your audience wants to receive content, and what emotions they want this content to foster in them, you have a platform to satisfy the people you want to reach.

With your social accounts, speak to your audience, and ask them what they want to see. This sounds like a simple approach, especially in an area when businesses pay significant sums of money on market research. However, with social media accounts, you have a direct connection to your audience, so make the most of it.

Connect emotionally with people
The best way to connect with people is to tell a story, and this way, you can engage with them on an emotional level. You may not think your hotel can connect with people in a meaningful way, but there is always an underlying reason that people are booking a stay at your hotel.

A guest may book a stay with you because they are attending a working conference in your area. This doesn’t sound too exciting, and it is unlikely people will be on the edge of their seat, wondering if they booked a room or not.

However, while the person is visiting your town or city for a work event, why are they attending?
People attend these events to develop their career, perhaps allowing them to move out of their current home or to better care for their family. Maybe an attendee is currently lost, feeling as though they are going nowhere in their career, and they hope this conference will spark something new and refreshing for them.

Your hotel isn’t just a place for people to sleep and keep their belongings safe while they do something else; it can be the platform for taking a significant step forward in life.

Whether someone is acting because they want to change what they have or they want to make things better so they can improve what they have, there is always an underlying and emotional reason for actions. If you’re going to tap into the reasons people binge-watch shows with your content, create content that hits people right “in the feels”.

Where better to connect with people in this manner than on social media? A site like Facebook is where people share their life and where they keep in touch with friends and family members. If your hotel creates content that shows the stories behind the booking, and details why you play such a key role in people’s stories, you grab attention on social platforms.

Always keep coming back
No matter what content you create, be it videos, blog posts, audio stories, images or infographics, always leave something back or trail something to come. This means you need to think a few steps ahead with your content.
You don’t need to deliver a jaw-dropping cliff-hanger, but if you promise to offer more tips, features or benefits for your audience with your next post, most people will stay on to see what you offer. If you do this for three or four posts in a row, you’ve created binge-worthy content that delivers what people want from you.

At Agent Travel, we know the power of social lies in stories. Whether you need to share your account, or your focus is on ensuring other people’s stories flourish, we can help. Contact Agent Travel to arrange an appointment that means you connect with your audience every time, leaving them looking for more.

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