What Instagram Hashtags Should My Hotel Use?

When it comes to marketing your hotel and finding ways to connect with your audience of prospective guests, have you considered the importance of hashtags? Hashtags are very popular on social media but while they feature modestly on Facebook and more prominently on Twitter, it is Instagram where hashtags rule the roost and if your […]

Social Proof Is Essential For Hotels

While the internet has been of great benefit in many parts of life, it has increased the level of doubt that suspicion and doubt that many people have about what they see. This is fair enough. With the amount of lies and half-truths listed on the internet, it is best that people take the time […]

How Long Should My Video Be For Social Media?

There are many things you need to consider when making video content for social media to promote your hotel. A good starting point is to place yourself into the position of a guest or prospective guest and think about the sort of video you want to see. As a hotel owner or social media manager, […]

Can Short Video Clips Promote A Hotel On Facebook?

All hotels should be looking for innovative ways to promote themselves on social media. Given the excitement and happiness that people enjoy at a hotel, you want to showcase this to as many people as possible, and video content is the perfect way to do this. With people glued to their phones these days and […]

Should You Care What Rival Hotels Do?

When it comes to achieving success in business, any business, what your rivals do will impact on how successful or not you are. This is true for the hotel industry and even though you must focus on your own hotel and making sure that you provide the best standard of service to your tenants, you […]