Live Video Content Lets People See What You Offer

As a hotel, your surroundings are the ideal setting for images and video content. Potential guests want to see what is on offer at your resort, and they will flock to your social media pages to get an insight into what you provide. Therefore, you should share as much content as you can. Images are […]

Are You Encouraging UGC In Your Hotel?

When it comes to social media for hotels, there is no shortage of content ideas. The holiday industry thrives on images and video content which puts people in the heart of tour resort. Therefore, all hotels should be active on social media. However, if your social media images and video content are highly polished and […]

What’s Your Busiest Time Of Year? Promote It Now With Social Ads

Ideally, your hotel will be busy all year round. If you have a steady stream of visitors, and people wishing to visit your hotel or area, you will hopefully enjoy year-round custom. However, many resorts and hotels find they have a busy time of year. Even if you welcome customers every month and season, having […]

2020 Resolution – Post Once A Day

New Year resolutions are a great way to make positive changes in your life. However, they aren’t only useful for individuals looking to improve their lives; they can be of enormous benefit to businesses too. If you run a hotel, you know social media is crucial for engaging your audience and generating interest in what […]

Let The World See Your World – Video Content Is Essential In 2020

It is not as if the importance of video content is a surprise for travel agents in 2020. Video content has been relevant for many years. You know your audience wants to see video content, and if you deliver content which your audience wants to see, you enhance your chances of connecting with them. Know […]