Social Media, Content Writing and Facebook Deal

You know that doing one thing to promote your business isn’t enough these days. Your company needs to be active on social media, you need to engage your audience and you need to deliver informative content that people will find of value. You need to be seen as a trusted choice in your local area […]

Importance of Using Google My Business For Hotels

Every business wants to be ranked high and returned by Google for relevant searches, and the hotel industry is no exception. If your hotel is returned when prospective guests search for your resort or suitable holiday options, you have a higher chance of directing traffic to your website, your social media platforms and hopefully, your […]

What’s The Story? Quick Content Connects You With Your Audience

If you have spent any time on social media of late, you will have noticed that stories are becoming popular. Snapchat was a leader in the story format, allowing people to share content that was deleted in a fixed time-frame. If the content hadn’t been watched in that time, it was lost and gone forever. […]

Use Infographics To Provide Guests With Important Information

Communication is essential for travel companies and you want to ensure your messages are clear and concise. Travel firms and hotels have a lot of important information to pass on, and the way you convey these messages can impact on their effectiveness. If you are looking to engage your audience quickly, infographics are hugely important. […]