Help People Know Your Brand Through Social Media Posts

There are many travel agents to choose from, especially in the online environment, and this means that travel agents must differentiate themselves from their peers and rivals. This isn’t always easy and there may be times when a travel agent cannot do much to alter the price or service that they offer in comparison with […]

Last Minute Deals to Sell? Social Media Is an Ideal Platform

For holidaymakers, last minute breaks are a fantastic way to unwind without spending a lot of money. Some people like to book and plan their holiday months in advance but some people like the thrill of booking at short notice and taking off on an unexpected trip. Therefore, last minute deals are important for many […]

Start Your Own Hashtag And Find User Generated Content

User-generated content, or UGC as some people refer to it, is hugely important for companies on social media. It is easy for firms to say what they want on social media (within legal limits and regulations of course) and many companies tune out the promotional aspect of a firm’s message. This is causing problems in […]

Can Guest Posting Work For A Hotel? We Say Yes

It is likely that your hotel will already have its own audience, perhaps former guests or people who follow you with the intention of booking with you later. When you create content and share it with these people, you do so in the hope of persuading them to book with you again or to decide […]