Can Guest Posting Work For A Hotel? We Say Yes

It is likely that your hotel will already have its own audience, perhaps former guests or people who follow you with the intention of booking with you later. When you create content and share it with these people, you do so in the hope of persuading them to book with you again or to decide that you are the hotel for them. This content is important, but it is not the first point of contact you have with these people.

There will be many guests who could be your potential guests who don’t know about you yet or who haven’t connected with you on social media. While you have your own audience, other companies will also have their own audience. The interesting aspect comes into play when the audience you are looking to reach is the same audience that other companies are trying to reach.

It is unlikely that you will find too many rival hotels willing to share information or connectivity with their audience for fear of losing custom, but there will be many businesses with an online presence who share a similar audience to you.

Many businesses share the same audience as you
Restaurants, bars and clubs in your area are all likely to welcome people who may be looking for an exceptional hotel in your area. If there are local tourist attractions in your area with a social media presence, it stands to reason that many people following these accounts will have an interest in finding a hotel in this area.

Therefore, there are businesses who have an audience that you should be looking to reach, and this is the area where a guest post can work for a hotel. If you have offered blog content on your own site, you will have seen the engagement and interaction it creates. It stands to reason that you can have the same impact on people from other sites, and therefore, you should look to create content that will be posted on other firm’s sites.

Guest posts should benefit both parties
It is always important to remember that guest posting works well when both parties benefit from the relationship. The simplest way to arrange guest posting is to reciprocate. If you create a blog post that is shared on another firm’s site, they should create a blog post that promotes them that you will post on your own site.

Your audience has the chance to find out about this other company and what they offer close to your hotel while you get the chance to reach out to the audience of the other company. If you partner with a tourist attraction, the blog post on your site provides valuable information about a local attraction, so there will be value for your audience.
When you can offer value to your own audience while increasing the likelihood of creating awareness about your own hotel in front of people who are looking for a hotel in the area, you have a win: win situation, and therefore, guest posting makes sense for a blog.

If you like the idea of guest posting and you need support in creating content, contact Agent Travel and we will be delighted to assist you.

Thanks for reading.

Ian Watson
Agent Travel