Content ideas for Travel Agents in 2019

Hopefully, you are already considering how to reach your audience and promote your business in 2019. If you are a travel agent, you should be used to planning in advance because you often have to think months in advance with respect to promoting trips and reaching out to your audience. If you are looking for content ideas for travel agents in 2019, Agent Travel is here to help.
Your audience is looking for content they can trust and rely on
It is fair to say that there has been a movement away from traditional ads to content that develops a relationship or provides insight from previous customers. A study in 2015 from Nielson suggested that the most trusted sources for buyers were:
• A recommendation from someone they know
• Branded content
• Editorial sites
• Reviews
We may be moving into 2019 but for many firms, this is still very relevant when it comes to reaching and pleasing your audience.
Therefore, you want to create content that draws on reviews and testimonials you have received from other people or which encourages people to share their own thoughts on your holidays and services.
If you have received testimonials and reviews, why not collate them together and share them in a blog. You can also break down these reviews into individual video clips or social media posts. If you are proactive when it comes to collecting reviews, why not ask customers to share their thoughts on video. This will make their message more authentic and it will ensure that you have fantastic content that can be easily shared.
You shouldn’t think that adverts are now null and void in the present idea, far from it, but the best way to use adverts is to promote these posts or to showcase the reviews and testimonials that people have shared about your business.
Make sure you stand out from the crowd
It is important that you reinforce the force the aspects that differentiate you from your peers and rivals in 2019. Social media is an excellent platform for developing your brand and promoting the things you do well. If there are things that you do better than other companies in the local area, this should lie at the heart of your social media activities.
It is helpful to think of your USP, your Unique Selling Point, and this makes this the focus of your social media activity. If you are cheaper than your rivals, this is the point you need to get across to your audience. If you offer a more luxurious stay, this should be the core of your social media activity. No matter what it is you offer that no one else does, make sure your audience knows about it and you do this by making it the core of your content in 2019.
Create a more personal image
In the present day, people want to deal with people. Even though automation is on the rise, people want to know and trust a company. Therefore, some of your content in 2019 should focus on your team members. Be sure to interview your staff and get to know them, what they offer in a role, how they make a difference while also showing some aspect of their personal life.
Your content has the chance to stand you apart from your peers and one thing that your rivals don’t have is your employees. Therefore, it makes sense to make your employees an integral part of your content strategy in 2019.
You also need to know who your audience is and how they want to consume content. There is a growing number of ways to communicate with an audience on social media, and it is essential you use the right platform. If you are looking for families, Facebook is likely to be the most popular platform for you to use. If you aim to reach younger people, Instagram and Snapchat may be more effective, and this then leads you to question the style of content you need to deliver.
Instagram and Snapchat are platforms where stories are effective, and it may be that creating shorter content is what your audience wants to see. Therefore, it is vital you know your audience and you understand how best to reach them.
At Agent Travel, we are on hand to help you reach your audience in 2019 and we believe your content has a crucial role to play in developing our brand and cultivating an audience. If you need support in developing content ideas for your travel agent in 2019, contact Agent Travel and we will be delighted to help.

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