Find What People Want From Your Hotel Through Social Listening

One of the oldest business mantras is “give people what they want” but how do you know what people want. Even if you run a hotel, you may think that people don’t want a lot from you; they want a nice room that feels secure and safe, they want food and drink and they want a place to have fun, preferably with a pool.

This would be a fantastic starting point for most hotels, and if you provide that you have a good chance of success, but is your hotel dictating what you offer or are you genuinely tailoring what you offer based on what people want?

This blog aims to detail the importance of social listening in understanding how to best appeal to your customers while providing you with tips to be a better social listener.

If you are a traditional hotel who is offering a service that hasn’t changed much, you clearly think that the tried and tested method ways to help people enjoy their holiday remain in place. Times are changing though; people’s needs are evolving, and it may be that your audience is slipping away or moving to other hotels.

Times change and your hotel customer needs can evolve
If your hotel is still in a fantastic location, your rooms are still safe and spacious, and your staff are still friendly, it may be that people want different services or features from your hotel. Your big problem is finding out what people want from you. Firstly, you ask questions. The first people you should ask is the people who are staying at your hotel; and you should ask them to list the positive and not-so-positive aspects of your hotel.

However, you will likely find more insight from people who no longer book with you or who decide against booking with you. A fantastic way to find people’s opinion is to ask them and there is no better platform for starting a discussion or gaining an opinion than social media.
You can also learn a lot from looking at the engagement other hotels have on social media or what content is being shared by guests from other hotels.

Be mindful of trends because people want to have fun in a contemporary manner
If you’re showing kids how to do the Macarena and another resort is teaching people how to do The Floss, you’re going to be left behind. You want to make sure that you are creating memories that people want to share. If your resort is the one that people share on social media, these people will want to come back to you and other people will want to visit too.

Social media is a tremendous way to promote your hotel and draw attention to what you provide but with respect to pleasing holidaymakers and ensuring you receive more bookings, social media provides you with the best way to learn what people want, but you need to listen.

Your social media presence, be it on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or anywhere else, gives you the chance to engage but it also provides you with the chance to observe. Be part of the conversation but make sure you listen to what people say. Make yourself aware of the trends that people enjoy and features that aren’t popular with guests (holiday makers love to complain about things they dislike, so you will be able to find negative elements that you can later avoid).

Key tips for using social media to find out what people want from you include:

• Ask questions of people who use your service
• Listen out for conversations from holidaymakers you would like to appeal to
• Observe your rivals and study their engagement with holidaymakers
• Be aware of trending topics relating to music, dances, entertainment and fun that people enjoy

If you use social media to remain informed as to what people want, you’ll find it easier to provide your guests with features and services that turn a good holiday into a fantastic vacation. Any hotel that wants to maximise the return they receive from social media should contact Agent Travel and we will help you use social media to generate interest in your hotel.

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