Give Your Audience Insight – Speak With The Experts

As experienced and knowledgeable as you are about certain aspects of the travel sector, it is fair to say people want to hear from professionals and experts right now. The current health concerns associated with travel hasn’t put everyone off the idea of travelling, but it has left many people looking for answers, advice and guidance from people in authority.

As a skilled and experienced travel agent, you know you are in a trusted position, but equally, you know the current climate calls for more information from even higher sources.

This is where you can step in, and if you provide people with all the news and guidance they need, you will find yourself as a trusted source for news in the travel sector.

Collate and curate news and information in the travel sector

One of the best things you can do right now is curate and collate the most recent and vital information for people looking to travel.

By pulling everything a person needs together in one place, you make life easier for others, saving them time and delivering a great deal of confidence. This isn’t only brilliant for your customers, it will position you as a trusted source of news in the travel sector, and this can be massive for a company in a time like this.

Even if people aren’t looking to book a trip right now, if they recognise you as a respected source for travel news and options, there is a strong chance they will book with you in the future.

Can you speak with trusted sources in your area?

One of the best ways for firms to develop blog content is to carry out interviews. Speaking with trusted and known officials or people who know what the current situation involves is great for many reasons:

It provides you with content that people want to read

  • The majority of the content is provided by the person you interview, now you
  • You can cut this content down into smaller sections, and use it in many ways
  • By branding the content, if anyone shares it, it will spread awareness of you, and what you offer

These are all fantastic outcomes for any travel company right now, and if you provide this information, people will trust you.

Even something as straightforward as offering translated information taken from official sources in other countries will be of benefit. People want as much valid information as they can receive right now. At times like now, you don’t need to add much of a personal opinion or take on it, you can provide the content in a straightforward manner, and then let people make up their own mind.

Of course, you can also create editorial pieces where you share your knowledge and expertise with people. This will hopefully put people’s mind at ease or at least assist them in making an informed decision either way.

Contact Agent Travel to give your audience what they need

At Agent Travel, we know travel agents have faced a challenging time of late, and are desperate to connect with prospective customers in a real manner. We believe offering accurate and up-to-date information is essential, and doing so will ensure that you are a trusted source in the sector.

You are in a position where you can collate the latest information from various sources, and place it into a single article. This makes life easier for your audience, and it will definitely improve awareness of you, and what you offer.

If you want to help people go places in 2022, contact Agent Travel and we will be more than happy to help you create list blog posts.