Help People Know Your Brand Through Social Media Posts

There are many travel agents to choose from, especially in the online environment, and this means that travel agents must differentiate themselves from their peers and rivals. This isn’t always easy and there may be times when a travel agent cannot do much to alter the price or service that they offer in comparison with what other agents offer. Therefore, it is essential that travel agents find a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and this underlines the importance of your brand.

You need a brand that people associate with your business
Your brand is what people think of when they hear or see your name. You want to ensure that you have a brand that your prospective customers consider in a positive manner, and that they trust you.

There are many brands that travel agents want to have, so think about your firm and try to focus on a brand that best suits your identity:

• Do you want to be a low-cost travel agent that provides the most affordable trips?
• Do you want to be a value for money travel agent that ensures people enjoy their trip?
• Are you a travel agent for families, for young adults, for couples – if so, does your brand represent this?
• Do you focus on a location or certain hotels?
• Are you a friendly company?
• Are you a company that instils trust and confidence in what you offer?

These are all ways that customers think of a company and it can help you to have a brand that fits neatly into one of these aspects. Some travel agents are concerned about developing a brand because they are worried it may put some people off but if you have a clear brand, it is likely that you will attract more genuine interest and potential custom from a group of people rather than being a general agent with no great purpose or intent.

Social media helps you develop your brand stand out from the rest
Once you have a brand in mind, it is important to create a social media strategy that puts this brand to the fore. No matter what type of brand you are keen to develop, you will find that you can do so in social media. The content that you share, the tone of your posts and the information that you provide will create an identity that people connect with, and this should be at the backbone of what you do on social media.

Images and video content are hugely important for travel agents on social media, and while the most popular shared content relates to holiday destinations, you’ll find that you can offer insight to your firm. Whatever image you want to create, show it in images of your workplace, of your employees and in the services that you provide.

In the current climate, it is essential that travel agents have a brand that allows them to engage and connect with their audience. If you need guidance on how to create a brand that suits your travel agent and draws attention to what you offer, contact Agent Travel and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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