How Social Media Can Help Sell More Rooms For A Hotelier

One of the hardest things for any hotelier to deal with is empty rooms. When rooms are empty, you don’t bring in any money and a lack of guests can impact on the atmosphere experienced by people that are staying with you. This means hoteliers should be looking to combat empty rooms as best as they can and social media can help sell more rooms for a hotelier.

Social media is the ideal platform for rich media
Social media is the ideal platform for rich media, which is the latest “buzzword” term and it means content that moves. This is traditionally video content but it can include GIFs and the new form of images that incorporate a few seconds of movement.

Rich media is more important in engaging an audience and improving their user experience than images (with images being better than content) so you need to provide the best content for your audience. Social media thrives on rich media, so make sure you offer it to promote your hotel and any empty rooms.

You should be conversing with potential customers on social media
If you can talk to your audience, you can allay any fears they may have or you can point out features you offer which will be to their advantage. Social media is all about engaging and if you listen to comments, respond to questions and make yourself available on social media platforms, you’ll find that people will listen to you, and feel as though they are developing a relationship with you.

This will help you to be the first choice of these guests when they are booking a trip, so make sure you engage with potential customers.

Social media should highlight reviews from genuine guests
Trust is essential in selling anything online these days and this is the case for hotel rooms. The best way to develop trust is to showcase what former guests thought of your hotel. On Twitter you can retweet comments and on Facebook, you’ll be able to create a Reviews tab which shows what people thought of their stay at your hotel.

Social media is about the here and now
One of the best things about social media is that it is immediate. If you have empty rooms now, why not offer them at a cheaper rate? The success of websites that offer last minute deals proves there is a market for affordable hotel rooms booked at the last minute and you can offer these through your social media platforms.

Social media allows you to offer discounts to regular users/loyal followers
In fact, offering discounts or promotions to your social media followers is a great way to develop loyalty and to fill up empty rooms. If there are times of the week, month or year that you struggle to fill rooms, choose to offer these rooms at an attractive rate to people that already follow you.

Social media advertising can target your chosen demographic
It may be that there is a demographic of customer that would have an interest in your rooms. If you have empty rooms during the week, why not target at people of retirement age? If there is a big show or sports event in town, why not target adverts at people who have an interest in the artist or sports team.

Social media advertising is the most effective way to target an audience and if you want to promote empty rooms to the right people, this is the best platform to do so.

Your social media platform can direct people to your booking page
No matter what, you want to direct people towards a booking page and social media allows you to do this. Whatever social media platform you use, being able to direct people to the page where you take bookings makes things simple and speeds up the entire process.

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Ian Watson
Agent Travel UK

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