How To Make People Love Your Hotel

Running a hotel isn’t easy, and there are distinct parts of the business. So much of your time, energy and focus must fall on maintaining the hotel and providing guests with a high standard of service. If you fail to do this, you likely won’t be running a hotel for much longer.

However, just because you provide guests with an excellent service doesn’t mean you can be confident of success. Over the years, many fantastic businesses, and a lot of great hotels have failed. In addition to running a brilliant hotel, you need to ensure your marketing activities provide people know about your hotel and fantastic service.

Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are essential for hotels. The content you create and share on these platforms can position you as a hotel people want to visit. Ultimately, how you engage with your audience determines the way people feel about your hotel, and it is possible to make people love your hotel.

Share content and images that make people fall in love
Social platforms thrive on images, GIFs and video content. As a hotel, you have the ideal setting to generate content that people love to see when booking a holiday. No matter what sort of guest you want to welcome, mature travellers are looking for a serene and idyllic getaway to a younger audience looking to party, the content you share sets the tone for your guests.

If you offer videos and images that make people think they’ll have the time of their lives in your hotel, they’ll be desperate to book with you.

Provide bonuses and gifts that increase engagement
The hotel industry is a competitive marketplace, so you need to offer people reasons to book with you. A simple bonus of providing people a free drink or premium access to sun loungers for following and sharing social media content will do wonders for your engagement levels.

If there is something extra you can offer, not for money but for social media engagement, consider it, because it will help you drive future sales.

Ask questions about what people want
One of the most essential things your hotel can do on social media is to ask questions. Engage former, current and hopefully future guests about what they want to see in your hotel. When you know what people want, it is easier to give them an adequate time.

Your social media posts should engage your audience. Ask questions, run polls, share videos that encourage people to respond and generally be proactive in getting people to speak. A simple question like “what’s your favourite part of the day on holiday?” is a simple, yet highly effective way of finding out more about your audience.

You may find people love the breakfast buffet, and if they do, this should feature more prominently in your promotion. If a lot of guests say they love a peaceful moment by the pool before it gets too busy, you may have guests looking for a serene holiday as opposed to a noisy trip. Alternatively, if guests are keen to enjoy parties, music and dancing, you likely have a crowd who wants to turn a holiday into a celebration.

This information should shape your activities and your promotion.

Share user-generated content
As a hotel owner, you are in a unique position that businesses in most industries would give a lot of money for. There is a substantial amount of user-generated content created in your hotel, and it is shared on social media.

You need to find a way to tap into this content, so you can share it with people you hope will become future guests. Offer incentives for holidaymakers to tag you in content, and you’ll find you have a considerable amount of user-generated images and video clips to share on social media.

You must share reviews from previous guests
Social proof is essential, and you must share holidaymaker reviews on social platforms. If you can capture these reviews at the hotel, filming guests while they enjoy themselves or after they’ve had a great meal, you create the best type of promotional material.

However, don’t overlook Trip Advisor reviews and reviews from other platforms. These reviews should be compiled into social-friendly posts, ensuring as many people as possible see what guests think of your hotel.

Showcase your employees on social media
If you want people to love your hotel, you need to create a personal relationship. Therefore, let guests get to know your employees before they arrive. Shine a spotlight on your team members, and let guests know the people behind the great times at your hotel.

Whether you run interviews, show Behind The Scenes footage, or just shadow people doing their job, the personal connection ensures holidaymakers feel better connected to your hotel.

Share schedules and itinerary on social media
If you have activities, meal-times or entertainment at certain times, make sure you share this information on social media. A lot of people like to plan their holidays, so sharing your schedule allows them to fit things around what you have in store for them.

When you share information like this on social media, people will respond. Some people will love what you post; others will make requests to change it. However, the engagement is likely to be positive, and it provides you with insight into what your audience wants. You can also develop a relationship where people feel comfortable speaking with you, and that helps people to fall in love with your hotel.

If you want to be the hotel people fall in love with, social media is the ideal setting. If you need guidance on how to make guests love what you do, contact Agent Travel, and we’ll be happy to help.

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