How To Promote An Online Booking Service For Hotels

Hotels need to be focused on generating bookings. There is a lot you can do online to promote your hotel and develop your reputation, but ultimately, you want to generate bookings. These bookings come online these days, so all hotels need to know how to promote their online booking service.

You need to show why people should book with you

Before you can worry about the booking process, you need to persuade people to book a stay with your hotel. Price and location will always be important factors for guests to consider, but you can also win people with the condition of your hotel, the standard of service, and the general atmosphere of your hotel.

No matter what type of hotel you are, or what guest you cater to, there will be ways you can showcase the strengths of your hotel. Also, no matter what type of hotel you are or which guests you welcome, you’ll find social networking platforms to be of benefit when promoting yourself.

You must share images and video clips of your hotel
Be proactive and share content that makes people take notice of your hotel. If you offer a refined stay for guests looking for luxury, share the content of this nature. You may want to showcase your spa, your stunning dining room, the immaculate condition of your rooms. If you offer a cheap yet comfortable stay at your hotel, showcase the simplicity and effectiveness of your hotel.

It is essential to know what sort of service you offer and why customers book with you. Once you have this in place, it is a lot easier to share content that interests your audience and makes people pay attention to your hotel.

You need to show how simple the booking process is
If you want people to book a stay with you, show how easy the booking process. A video clip showing all the steps or a step-by-step guide will remove doubt and barriers for your audience. With no excuses to not book a holiday, you should find more people are happy to book a stay at your hotel.

Showcase the people behind the booking process
While containing the online method speeds up the booking process, you want to retain a personal touch around your online presence. Therefore, take the time to showcase your staff members on your social media profiles.

Run interviews with staff members, share behind the scenes footage and allow guests to get to know your employees before they attend your hotel. The ease of online booking is critical for hotels, but many guests are looking for a personal connection, so make sure you cover every feature a guest is looking for.

Facebook offers unique tools to help you drive bookings
While Facebook is an ideal platform to generate interest in your hotel and to connect with prospective guests, the network also offers devices that allow you to arrange bookings and win over more guests.

All businesses, not just hotels, benefit from simplicity. If customers can conclude their business with you in only one click, as opposed to four or five clicks, you’ll make more sales. Every time you ask customers to act, you run the risk of losing them.

Therefore, many hotels will consider the ability to offer bookings directly on Facebook to be a brilliant feature. It is fair to say people think of booking holidays when they are on Facebook. When you scroll through a timeline and find other people’s holiday posts, it encourages you to book your next trip.

It is now possible for guests to make an appointment for your hotel to approve. Once this appointment has been approved, your hotel has the chance to connect with the guest on Facebook Messenger. This system can even be set up to automate the messaging process after a booking, making your job easier while providing instant verification for your guests.

If you are a modest or boutique hotel and you thought automated processes were only suitable for notable brands and massive names, this is no longer the case.

Facebook adverts allow you to reach your audience directly
Facebook is an excellent platform for hotels. You’ll find that holiday snaps and videos rank amongst the most featured content on the platform, so as a hotel, you operate on a platform that loves what you do.

You have a chance to attract attention and engage your audience directly, and organic traffic is achievable and rewarding. However, in a competitive market, firms hotels should look beyond settling for organic traffic.

With targeted Facebook ads, you can directly reach people who hold an interest in your hotel or location and develop a relationship. It is possible to target age groups and critical demographics of Facebook users with these ads. You can also use your existing audience as a basis for reaching out with your ads. You can even consider the audience of a rival or related companies, helping you target people who you want to reach.

While Facebook ads are a smart way to reach your audience, you should use them effectively. Many hotels think a single Facebook ad is all they need to increase sales, but many travellers and guests want more information.

A single ad may be suitable for a fast-moving consumer product, but for a holiday or essential business stay, guests want more information. At Agent Travel, we offer a Facebook Ads campaign that helps you develop a relationship with likely guests.

Using a range of content to showcase your hotel at its best and why guests will benefit from staying with you leads to more bookings. If you want to maximise your return with Facebook ads for your hotel, please get in touch.

You should know social networking platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are essential for hotels. You can develop an organic following and reach more people quickly with targeted ads. No matter how you want to promote your online booking service, contact Agent Travel, and we’ll help you reach your audience.

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