How To Sell A Holiday Of A Lifetime

A holiday of a lifetime often sells itself to people, but travel agents still have a lot of work to do. You need to be the agent who brings these plans together, who turns dreams into reality. This can be a challenging process, even when clients are keen to take the trip, but social media marketing can help you be the travel agent holidaymakers turn to for their holiday of a lifetime.

Ask what holiday people want, don’t just present the holiday you wish to sell
A holiday of a lifetime isn’t just a standard holiday; this is something people should be desperate to do. It may be an expensive holiday, a trip they’ll never manage again, or an adventure they will always remember.

With these holidays, the customer has a level of awareness about the resort or holiday. If someone wants to go to Africa to see the wildlife at first-hand, to tour South America to experience the rain forests or perhaps immerse themselves in Far East Culture in Asia, they will often know where they want to go, and what they want to do.

However, while they have a structure or an overarching reason to travel, these holidaymakers need help pulling the trip together. This is where a travel agent steps in, and it is how you sell a holiday of a lifetime.

You need to know the aspects that the client desperately wants to experience, and then you must create the structure around this trip that allows the holiday to happen.

Therefore, you must ask questions, and you must listen and then respond to the answers you receive.

Questions travel agents ask customers before arranging a holiday
If you want to narrow down the options for your client, ask questions about their ideal trip. The following items can get the conversation started:

• What is the purpose of your holiday
• What type of food do you love and want to experience on your trip?
• What sort of social activities do you want to enjoy on holiday?
• Are you keen to socialise with others, or do you want to enjoy peace?

Don’t just sell the holiday, sell yourself
It has been established holidaymakers want to take this trip. It hasn’t been determined why they should use your services to turn their dream into reality. You need to sell yourself as much, if not more than, as you sell the holiday.

Make sure you know the services that your client needs from you. Is your client looking to book their holiday of a lifetime for the best possible price? If they are, you need to show them your rates, and why you offer them the best value for money.

The client is maybe looking for an estate agent who will take care of everything for them? If they are, create an itinerary that helps them travel with a minimum of fuss.

People will have barriers to a holiday; you need to remove these barriers
Not everyone thinks the same way. Some potential customers focus on the positive benefits of their trip, and you can sell to these clients by accentuating the best elements of your holiday.

However, there will be people who create reasons not to go on holiday. Quite often as a travel agent, your most significant task is to remove these barriers, ensuring people don’t have many reasons to say no to the holiday.

Aspects to consider, and solutions which remove these barriers, include:

• Problem: A holidaymaker may be wary of the food options in a hotel or resort.
• Solution: Showcase the wide selection of food, from all cuisines and cultures, available in the resort or nearby restaurants.
• Problem: A holidaymaker may be concerned about travel options in their resort
• Solution: Provide them with taxi company contact details, bus timetables and even create maps or video content showing them how to get to and from the resort or hotel and main transport hubs.
• Problem: Some holidaymakers may be worried about language barriers.
• Solution: Provide the most commonly used phrases for tourists in the area.

If you can find out the reasons people have for not booking a holiday with you, and you create content that removes these problems, it is more likely people will book their dream trip with you.

So how does social media help travel agents sell a holiday of a lifetime?
If you’re keen to be the agent holidaymakers trust when booking their dream holiday, you need to be active on social media. With social media, you can engage your audience, allowing you to get to know people and what they want from you. You can share reviews and testimonials from previous holidaymakers who booked with you.

Social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are ideal for sharing information, ensuring your clients know everything they need to know before and after booking. Also, images and video content sell these holidays more than words ever could.

Therefore, you need to be active on platforms where videos and images grab attention and generate interest. This is exactly what social platform sites thrive on, so share visual content that stimulates buyers and draws attention to the services you offer.

Best practice for travel agents using social media:

• Act as the concierge for your customers
• Be an advocate of your resorts and destinations
• Become an information desk for your resorts, destinations and travel partners
• Use video and images to show what your holidays offer
• Encourage your customers to check in on their trips
• Listen to people and engage them
• Develop a brand that ties in with the holidays you sell – if you sell fun trips, create a fun identity

A trip of a lifetime is an exciting activity, and clients looking for this trip are keen to book up. However, you need to make sure you offer the best standard of service, and the best way for this client to achieve their dream.

Through effective social media marketing, you can engage your client, find out about their dream and showcase why you are the travel agent who’ll make their dream trip come true. If you would like to arrange an appointment to learn how you can become the travel agent that makes dreams come true, contact Agent Travel today.

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