Importance of Using Google My Business For Hotels

Every business wants to be ranked high and returned by Google for relevant searches, and the hotel industry is no exception. If your hotel is returned when prospective guests search for your resort or suitable holiday options, you have a higher chance of directing traffic to your website, your social media platforms and hopefully, your hotel.

It is essential for hotels to be aware of what Google offers because there is a range of ways your business can be presented to prospective guests. Google My Business, or GMB, is a free business listing, and you have the opportunity to create your business listing for your hotel.

GMB is free, and it allows your hotel to appear in localised search engines and for specific searches relating to the services you offer.

What can a hotel do with Google My Business?
GMB allows hotels to:

• Provide the name of the hotel, their address and their phone number – all of which won the Search Engine Results page (SERP)
• Share photographs of your hotel
• Be featured on Google Maps with a pin (geo-marker) highlighting the hotel’s location
• Display reviews from guests
• Offer additional information that is relevant to guests
• Allow interested parties to click directly through to their website
• Provide a “click-to-call” button when the search has been carried out on a smartphone

What are the benefits of a hotel using GMB?
Anything which provides contact information to prospective guests is an essential feature for potential guests and guests. If you want people to book with you directly or to visit your website and see everything you have to offer, GMB makes it easy and direct.

GMB is easy to maintain, and you can provide real-time updates. If your opening hours change or you have a new phone number, you can change information there and then, ensuring you always provide accurate information.

People pay attention to GMB. The separate listing which contains images, reviews and contact information is so much more appealing than a listing with a link to click through to reach your website. Studies indicate that this information leads to more clicks, and people paying more attention to the data.

People want to see reviews. Social proof is critical these days, and as GMB presents user-generated reviews for your hotel, people searching for your hotel have information to consider. If previous guests have left you positive reviews, your hotel listing will stand out from the crowd.

GMB offers data which helps you learn more about people who engage with your listing. If you are keen to know more about your audience, how they reach you and connect with you, GMB provides everything you need to know. This information helps create more informative listings in the future.

Being found on Google is vital for all businesses, including hotels, but a GMB listing packs a lot more punch than a standard search engine result. Creating a GMB listing for your hotel and ensuring it provides relevant updates and insight will draw people to your site and account, hopefully leading to more sales.

If you run a hotel and you want to make sure you reach interested guests, make sure Google My Business is at the heart of your online activities. If you would like to learn more about GMB, and how it positively impacts your hotel, contact Agent Travel.

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