Importance of using Social Media in the Travel and Tourism Industry

While the use of social media is on the rise for many sectors, the importance of using social media in the travel and tourism industry cannot be overstated. Here are some key factors in why you need to be using social media.

Social media is where people hang out
You only have to look at the number of users that sites like Facebook and Twitter can boast of. You aren’t going to connect with every user on these platforms but it stands to reason that there is an audience waiting for you. In the modern era, you need to have a social media presence as much as a website or a physical outlet.

Social media targeting has made it easier to use and find your audience
One of the biggest advantages of social media is that it is simple to target and find your audience. If you have a certain demographic you want to reach, you can reach out to these people through focused advertising. There is also the fact that there are many groups and communities that exist which will be relevant to you. On the top level, the volume of users on social media sites is pleasing but it is the ease of drilling down through the high numbers to find your relevant audience that is of most benefit to the travel and tourism industry.

Social media use is still rising
The use of social media is not a fad that will fade away soon. The use of smartphone and tablet devices are on the rise and this will continue. With improved Wi-Fi connections available, even in remote resorts, more people are accessing their social media platforms with increasing regularity, which means that you need to be on here.

If your rivals are on social media and you aren’t, you lose out
If you aren’t on social media, and your rivals are, you lag behind them. This means that there is an audience that is relevant to you that you are making no interest to reach, which isn’t advisable for any business.

If you are on social media and your rivals aren’t, you gain an advantage
Conversely, if no one in your local area or region is on social media, if you move first and create a presence, you can gain access to an interested audience. Whether your actions are motivated by fear of falling behind or a desire to get ahead, you will find that having a social media presence is essential.

Social media is the ideal platform to share image and video content
When it comes to showcasing the travel and tourism industry, images and video content say more than most reviews and promotional blurbs. Social media platforms are the ideal platform to showcase video and images, so to show off the best of what you offer, get on social media and let people see the very best of your hotel, resort or attraction.

People want customer reviews and user generated content, social media is the best medium
You will find that people love to share content and give their own insight on social media. This means that you can tap into testimonials, reviews and user generated content. This will help to build confidence in your brand and what you offer to holidaymakers.

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