Instagram Is Ideal For Travel Agents

With Instagram being a social platform instantly associated with images and video clips, it is an option that travel agents must consider. After all, one of the best strategies a travel agent has is to share the stunning sights, beaches and local attractions that they transport people to, and Instagram is a natural home for sharing holiday snaps and detailing fantastic memories. When the content that is most commonly associated with a social platform chimes with your industry, it would be foolish to not use this platform.

You can create exclusive content on Instagram
As a travel agent, you have a chance to create content that no one else can. Original and relevant content is hugely important for businesses looking to connect with an audience because this is what people want to see. If you offered content that was available from a wide range of accounts, there would be no incentive for people to follow you so make sure you share images, thoughts and video content that only your company can present.

User generated content will help you spread the word
Word of mouth recommendations are very important for many industries and sectors, but positive reviews from other people is essential for the travel sector. Booking a holiday is a major task. People work hard to earn the money used to book a vacation and people are desperate to enjoy the best holiday possible. This means travellers need assurance and positive reviews and testimonials are of benefit.
While you should use as much of your own content as possible, if your customers post their own holiday snaps or tag you into content, you have user generated content that you can share with your audience. User generated content connects with your audience because it is a genuine review and it helps people to imagine the sort of holiday they will enjoy.

If you are a travel agent that already helps travellers enjoy holidays and you want to connect with more likeminded travellers, user generated content is an ideal option.

Hashtags make it easier to connect with the right audience
Hashtags are not highly beneficial on Facebook and while they are still popular on Twitter, they are not as effective as they used to be. However, you will find that hashtags are very effective on social media, allowing you more opportunities to be found by the right audience.
People use Instagram as a search engine and if someone is thinking of booking a holiday, they will use this social platform to find great resorts or companies that help them book the ideal trip. Knowing the hashtags that people use to find holiday ideas or inspiration provides you with the perfect opportunity to find the people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Some other benefits of using Instagram as a travel agent include
• There is no cost in setting up an Instagram account
• All you need to post is a smartphone
• There are advertising opportunities with Instagram if you want to target specific groups of people

If you appreciate that Instagram is ideal for travel agents, but you are unsure of how to make the most of your time on the platform, it makes sense to call on the experts. At Agent Travel, we are social media specialists who are highly experienced with the use of Instagram. We have helped many travel agents to develop their brand, create awareness about what they offer and make sales. If your destinations look fantastic, use the platform that showcases these holiday hotspots in the best light and Agent Travel is here to help.

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