Last Minute Deals to Sell? Social Media Is an Ideal Platform

For holidaymakers, last minute breaks are a fantastic way to unwind without spending a lot of money. Some people like to book and plan their holiday months in advance but some people like the thrill of booking at short notice and taking off on an unexpected trip. Therefore, last minute deals are important for many people and they are very important to hotels and travel agents.

If you are a travel agent, offering last minute deals is a brilliant way to make sales at short notice. If a hotel or resort is going to have vacancies, it is often best to fill the rooms at a cheaper price than have it lying completely empty, and therefore, last-minute breaks are so popular.

Last-minute breaks must be promoted properly
There are going to be people looking for last minute breaks but given the timely deadline associated with this style of holiday, it is natural that they must be promoted in an effective manner. Last minute deal promotion should focus on:

• Placing the deals in front of people, where people already are
• Promote the strict deadline for the deals
• Make it obvious why this deal is such a bargain

Given these factors, it should be obvious that social media is the ideal platform for promoting last minute breaks and holidays. Your audience is already on social media, so while you should have these deals listed on your site and available in store, it is likely that the promotion of these deals will focus on social media.

Social media is immediate, which means that you don’t need to worry about the time constraints. If you were planning print, radio or TV commercials for the last-minute breaks, there would be a time-lag, and this can blunt the effectiveness of the deal. However, with social media, you can post and receive responses or interest in seconds.

When you want to create a buzz or have people contacting you right away, social media is the ideal platform to promote on.

Live video content is ideal for selling last-minute deals
With the emergence of live video content on social media, you’ll find that it is even easier to make an immediate splash with your audience. Live content grabs attention, it allows you to get a message across quickly and social media platforms are keen to encourage live content, so it is likely that these posts will be seen by more people.
There is also the fact that social media is already the ideal platform for advertising holidays and breaks.

These platforms are perfect for images and video clips, so make sure that you have a lot of visually stimulating content to engage your audience. You will also hopefully have access to user-generated content about hotels or resorts, and this will make a massive difference in persuading people to book a holiday.

The immediate nature of these trips and the price will mean many people are keen to book, but they still want to be reassured about what the holiday will offer. User-generated content is a fantastic way to show the experience that other holidaymakers had, and this may be what prospective holidaymakers want to see before booking.

If you are keen to utilise social media for last-minute deals, contact Agent Travel and we will ensure that you get all the support you need.

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