Let The World See Your World – Video Content Is Essential In 2020

It is not as if the importance of video content is a surprise for travel agents in 2020. Video content has been relevant for many years. You know your audience wants to see video content, and if you deliver content which your audience wants to see, you enhance your chances of connecting with them.

Know your audience and what content they want to see
Video content isn’t that different from other forms of content. You need to make sure you create relevant content for your audience, and you provide them with actionable information in a way they are happy to receive it.

If your audience wants a lot of information before booking a trip, a short advert-style video clip isn’t going to assist them in choosing to book with you. However, once you know what content helps your audience make a decision, you can create similar content which allows you to reach your audience consistently.

Live streaming is becoming crucial
One way you will find video content to be of great benefit is with live streaming on social platforms. Social platforms use algorithms which dictate the content your users see. Most business users on Facebook have experienced a downturn in engagement on traditional social posts, but with live video streams, Facebook is proactive in connecting users with their audience.

Therefore, if you want to enhance your reach on social media, live streaming and sharing video content live is an effective way to share your message effectively. Live video streaming is perfect for showcasing your business premises, for showcasing your staff, and for being live and in the moment. If you have breaking deals or last-minute offers, what better way to share them than on a live video stream?

You should prepare your live video script in the same way you would create a video script. Making sure the person on camera knows what they have to say is crucial, and being fully prepared will ensure you are confident, comfortable and relaxed. This will help you to connect better with your audience.

Any form of video content is better than none, but if you are looking to improve your social reach, consider the benefits of live streaming.

Stories help you engage your audience
If you use social media, you will have noticed the rise in stories. These are most commonly associated with Instagram and Facebook, and the content is shared in a vertical format. Stories disappear after a set time, so they are a great way of engaging with your audience immediately.

If you wish to reward your most devoted of followers, or you have content which is in the moment, stories allow you to act quickly but also ensure you develop an audience. Stories are an excellent way for posting content which suits your brand and persona, which is often a key component in developing relationships with your audience.

If you don’t use video content and your rivals do, you fall behind. Therefore, even if your main focus is on retaining market position and strength, delivering video content is vital for 2020. Of course, it is also important to deliver content which is relevant to you and your audience.

There are many ways you can create and share video content, but not every method is relevant for travel agents, or you. Therefore, it is best to speak with a social video expert who listens to your needs and circumstances. If you want to create video content which helps you engage your audience and ensures you welcome bookings in 2020, contact Agent Travel, and we’ll be happy to help.

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