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In 2019, Instagram started limiting who could see the Likes count for a post, with only the initial poster seeing the tally. Canada was the first to receive this update and then it was rolled out countries like Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand.

It has been a move welcomed by the mainstream media, who have long been wary of the impact social media has on people; and the fact that people aren’t paying attention to them. However, with leading voices in the industry like Gary Vaynerchuck welcoming the change, there is a great deal for support for placing less importance on likes. Vaynerchuck said; “people have become too one-dimensional in knowing what their audience is looking for”, and this has affected content.

When a formula appears to work, it is natural this becomes the norm. It is not as though this is only noticeable in social media, it is common in every industry, and every walk of life. How many times have you read advice along the lines of “don’t try to reinvent the wheel” or “pioneers are the ones found with arrows in their back”?

Overfamiliarity generates lower interest and fewer responses
When people see a strategy or plan working for others, they will inevitably try to replicate this for themselves. There is still room for flexibility, but over time, content starts to feel the same, and users start to zone out. When every account posts the same sort of content, even if it is unique content, it becomes difficult to differentiate.

Therefore, anything which lowers the focus on the race for likes has the potential to be a good thing. There are still many indicators that your content is doing well, and let’s be honest, there are more effective barometers of success for a company than a social media like.

If you are familiar with social media, you may have experienced some posts going crazy, but this doesn’t always follow up with sales or engagement. A lot of posts receive a like or even a comment in the moment, but if there is no follow-up, or even a follow, there is no benefit in the post.

Look to form a relationship with your audience
It is far better to develop a strategy that focuses on developing a relationship, and persuading people to act. Would you rather have a post which is liked one thousand times but only generates three leads and ultimately no sales or a post which is liked twenty times, but you have six conversations, four leads and three sales? No matter how many social media analytical measures you review each week or month, the bottom line is what it means for your business.

So, it is best to create content which represents your business and which speaks to your audience. To achieve this, you need to know what you want to say, and what your audience wants to hear. Bringing these elements together is the way to connect with clients; and it is as pertinent for travel agents as it is for any other company.

Travel agents need to be present on social media
Social media posts are great for travel agents. So much of social media, particularly Facebook, is filled with holiday images. If people aren’t on holiday, they are more than likely thinking back to a previous holiday they enjoyed, or they are looking forward to a next trip. You need to be on social media, and while it is nice to receive likes, it is far better to connect and offer something of value to customers, so they remember you when they start to plan your next trip.

If you need help creating and posting content that elevates you from rivals and peers which reach for likes but don’t offer any substance, we can help. At Agent Travel, we have worked with a number of travel agents, helping them develop a social strategy that that engages their audience.

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