Live Video Content Lets People See What You Offer

As a hotel, your surroundings are the ideal setting for images and video content. Potential guests want to see what is on offer at your resort, and they will flock to your social media pages to get an insight into what you provide.

Therefore, you should share as much content as you can. Images are great, and video content is even better, but in 2020, hotels should be aware live video content is the best way to engage your audience on social platforms.

Hotels need to offer live video content
Some of the leading benefits of live video content include:

• Live streaming costs nothing, and the overall costs are likely to be low
• With live streaming, your audience can directly engage you
• Many businesses have found live streaming provides higher conversion rates than standard video content
• Social media algorithms favour live streaming, ensuring your content is seen by more people
• Live streamed content can be reused later
• Live streaming offers a genuine look at your hotel and business
• You can make breaking announcements or offer special deals in the live stream
• You can create a more personal appearance and brand with live video content

With so many key benefits associated with live video content, hotels need to incorporate this content into their social activities.

What you need to remember when creating live video content
Some of the key things to consider before you create and share live content include:

• Make sure you have the right equipment – this doesn’t have to be the best or most equipment, but it must be adequate to deliver good quality live video content
• Make sure you have a reliable internet connection before going live
• Plan what you are going to say, create a script and ensure the person on camera feels confident about the process
• Consider what is behind the speaker and what will appear on screen for viewers
• Make sure you have a Call To Action or purpose for the live video content

The last point is extremely important. Live video content is good, and it can develop your brand and create awareness of your hotel. However, you shouldn’t share live content just because you can, there should always be a purpose to the content you create and share.

The planning process is vital, but it is one which many hotels often overlook. You should have a reason to go live, and you should have a plan of things you need to mention during the live content. Some people want a word-for-word script while other people are happy to have topics and headings. You need to choose what works best for you, and the people on camera, but don’t assume that because other people make the process look easy, that it is easy.

The people who make live video content look easy probably work harder behind the scenes than anyone else.

The benefits of live video content are of interest to every hotel, but you need to plan live video content right to reap the rewards of your work. Therefore, it is best to call on the experts. At Agent Travel, we are pleased to say we are social experts, and we have helped many businesses, including hotels, make the most of live video content.

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