Micro Content Creates A Buzz Around Travel Services

All businesses, not just hotels or travel agencies, should have an overall marketing strategy. When it comes to online marketing, it helps to have specific areas of focus. These areas are likely to have relevant keywords, providing a focus for SEO work and social marketing activities.

However, while it is imperative you have an all-encompassing strategy that drives your activities, you can take advantage of events and one-off activities in and around your local area. If once a year there is a significant festival where people descend on your city or town, you wouldn’t want to devote your entire marketing strategy to promote this event.

Instead, you should view this event as a component of your overall strategy, and creating micro-content around this celebration provides short and long-term benefits.

It helps to pay attention to local events or special activities that are taking place near you. One-off sporting events, music concerts, parades, marches, conferences, business events and any event that sees people leaving their home town or city to visit yours is worth considering.

Your local tourist information centre should be able to advise on significant events, and online searches will likely provide you with many functions to latch on to.

Hashtags are a fantastic way to tap into local events and celebrations

When it comes to social activities, hashtags are essential for hotels and travel companies. You should use hashtags as part of your research because you are likely to learn about upcoming events that you were previously unaware of.

You can also use hashtags to tap into an audience looking for information about your area, and the services you provide. If a devoted fanbase has a significant event coming up in your area, it is likely there will be a dedicated hashtag for the event, and by creating content and posting with this hashtag, you can reach this audience.

All manner of content is useful for these audiences

If someone is coming to your location for a specific event, they need accurate information. As a specialist and professional company in your area, you are ideally suited to offer travel plans and routes, walking guides, places of interest, places to eat and drink, any local by-laws that may be relevant to guests, and all manner of useful information that allows people to maximise the enjoyment they have in your location.

You also have a fantastic range of options for creating this content. You can offer detailed blog posts, you can provide informative infographics, you can create video walk-throughs, you can create audio guides for your area, and you can share images that help people find their way or lookout for places of interest.

Think about who the audience is and what they want to know about your area. If you can share useful information, tap into their hashtags, forum posts and all other forms of online communication where you can find this audience.

If you operate in a town and city where many people visit for various events, create content that can be used time and time again with minor variations. Also, by creating a bank of relevant content that meets the needs of many users, you use your time effectively, while offering relevant information for people heading to your area.

Facebook advertising allows you to reach specific groups of people effectively
When you know there is a select group of people coming to your event; it makes sense to focus your marketing activities on them. Whether they all support the same soccer team playing a big match in your region, love the same band who are playing a significant gig or all have the same profession and are travelling for a business conference near you, have an opportunity to reach a focused group of people in one easy step.

This is where Facebook ads are highly effective because you can target people in so many ways. The most common ways to target people with these ads is by age, location, qualifications, income or background, but you can also target people by professions and interests. It is this targeted focus that makes Facebook ads so appealing for hotels and travel agencies who have the chance to connect with a tailored audience.

At Agent Travel, we are highly experienced in creating Facebook ad campaigns that are highly focused on a targeted audience. If you want to learn how to create these ads and develop an ad campaign that establishes a relationship turning these users into prospective customers, get in touch, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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