Place Your Employees At Heart Of Your Social Activity

When it comes to social media, you cannot overlook the importance of the “social” element. Yes, social accounts provide you with an excellent opportunity to promote your brand, develop awareness and make sales; but there is a lot of work involved with the process. If you solely focus on sales and marketing activities on social platforms, you come across as boring; and fewer people will want to engage with you.

Therefore, you need to be social, and sociable. However, it is difficult for a company to be friendly and engaging; this is something we associate with people, not organisations. Even though the travel agent industry is centred around fun and having a good time, it is far easier to connect with people through people.

This means travel agents should place their employees in the spotlight. If you are looking for ways to get your team-members involved on your social accounts, consider the following options.

Have your team members share some of their best and worst holiday stories
People love to hear stories, and we all have stories of great holidays, or trips we would rather forget. When you have your employees talk about their trips, you create a personal connection between yourself and your audience.

You show that you know how a great holiday makes you feel, and that you have experienced some disastrous moments too. This allows you to connect with your audience, and you can show you are working hard to ensure they have great holidays too.

Funny and relatable stories also connect well with people, which means these stories or videos are more likely to be shared on social media. If you want to enhance your chances of going viral and developing a new audience, sharing funny holiday-related stories is an excellent idea.

Let your team members offer their holiday tips
It is always helpful to share tips that your audience benefits from. By allowing your employees to talk about their own tips, or how they pack and prepare for a holiday, you may provide relevant advice which allows people to learn from you. It also creates a platform where people will connect with you.

Blog posts containing tips are always popular, but think how popular video footage of your team members discussing, or even showing, these tips in action. Again, this is the sort of content that people want to see, that they will remember, and they will share.

When it comes to reaching a new audience and developing your brand, this style of content is perfect.

Show BTS footage of your place of work
Behind the scenes (BTS) footage works very well, as it allows your audience a chance to get to know your team. Travel agents have a reputation for being professional and proper, which is great because people spend a lot of money with these firms. It is vital that travel agents set the right tone, which is why agents are usually well-presented, polite and well-informed.

However, by seeing a different side to your staff members, the more relaxed and fun side, your audience will connect with you as people, as well as a business. Creating BTS content every so often will go a long way to helping people connect with your business on social media.

Run Q&A sessions where your team members answer questions from your public
If you say you aren’t sure what your audience wants to know, let your audience ask the questions. Running Q&A sessions is great, because the questions will be topics that your audience have an interest in. Also, if one person wants to know the answer, it is likely other people will too.

Having your team members run a Q&A session is a great way to make sure you attract an audience, you provide helpful information, and you showcase your skills and expertise as a business. This style of footage develops your brand, it marks you out as an expert in your field, and you can go live, which is great for pleasing the social algorithms. Also, you can edit the content into smaller sections, allowing you to use it in different places or in different formats.

Allowing your colleagues to take centre stage on social platforms doesn’t just make it easier for customers to connect with you, it can motivate your team. When employees feel as though they have an integral part to play in a company, they feel more involved, and engaged. When you have committed employees, workplace morale is higher; and this can result in better content which increases the chances of your audience engaging with you.

If you know you need to use social media, but you are unsure of how to get the best out of it, contact Agent Travel. We are pleased to say we have worked with numerous travel operators, helping them develop social networking and media strategies that ensure they connect with their audience, and present themselves effectively. If you want to be the travel operator your clients trust, please contact us today.

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