Should Travel Agents Create List Blog Posts?

Travel agents know that they need to create content and blog posts to share with their audience, but many professionals in the travel sector are unsure of what sort of content they should create.

At Agent Travel, we are pleased to say we have worked with many travel agents, and we know what your audience is looking for. This is why we believe travel agents should create list blog posts, and then share this content on their social media platforms.

What are the benefits of list blog posts?

It won’t surprise you to learn there are many benefits associated with list blog posts, which we would like to share now:

  1. Numerals stand out on the page, which helps draw attention to your content
  2. List blogs have a natural structure that makes it easier to create, and for readers to follow
  3. List blogs are often easier to write because you can break each section down into small bits
  4. Lists are enjoyed by readers because they are easy to scan, allowing them to take in key information in less time
  5. Lists can be highly persuasive, ideal for businesses looking to make a sale and for people requiring assistance in making a decision
  6. Lists are very easily shared on social media, which is brilliant for the company with the list on their blog
  7. Lists attract links to the site
  8. List posts are great for cultivating engagement, and you should get a lot of comments if you ask the right questions at the end of your list
  9. List posts encourage people to return to the site at a later date
  10. List content can be created in-house, by outsourcing, or even through the use of customer generated content

With ten fantastic reasons to use list blogs, it is easy to see why any company should be interested in using them, but there are more reasons why travel agents should use this style of post.

Why travel agents should use blog posts

If you are a travel gent, you should find there are many reasons why list blogs are perfect for your site.

You can provide a lot of information in a short time

People who use travel agents often need assistance in booking a holiday, and it might be they are looking for guidance in where to book, or what they need.

By creating list posts, you can provide people with all the information you need. As an example, the following lists will be hugely informative for people:

  • Top 10 European destinations
  • Top 10 hotels in Alicante
  • Seven things you need to pack for a Portuguese trip
  • Eight restaurants you must eat at when holidaying in Berlin

With these lists, a travel agent can directly promote destinations or hotels they offer people the chance to visit. There is nothing wrong with creating a list based around the products or services you sell, as long as you can justify the list!

You can also create lists that make a place seem more appealing, or which help people make the most of their time.

As a travel agent, you want people to have the best holiday ever. If someone loves a holiday they booked with you, they will trust you. This enhances their chances of booking with you again, and it makes it far more likely they will recommend you to others.

At the very least, if people love their trip, they will share images on social media. If you encourage customers to tag you in, or ask if you can use their content to promote yourself, you will have a lot more marketing material at no cost to yourself!

You can get instant feedback

Creating and sharing a list provides you with the perfect opportunity to ask questions of people, and look for the things that people have loved about their holidays. This sort of feedback allows you to better promote yourselves in the future, while also offering potential new customers further reasons to check a place out.

Also, if people provide you with so many great new ideas that you can create another list, why shouldn’t you?

All businesses need to capitalise on user generated content, but for travel agents, this is vital. If you can share other people having a great time when they have booked a holiday with you, it is far more likely new customers will trust you in the future.

List posts can be broken down and used in other ways

With list posts being short and easy to write, many people feel confident about writing them.

This is great, but it can also help you create a lot of content for your business. Taking each snippet as a standalone post, you can create images, video content, audio clips, infographics and blurbs to use on other content, all of which creates more ways for people to engage with your business, and hopefully book a holiday of their own.

Contact Agent Travel to create list blog posts that stand out

At Agent Travel, we know travel agents have faced a challenging time of late, and are desperate to connect with prospective customers in a real manner. We believe list blog posts are a fantastic way to promote your services while providing useful information for your audience.

If you want to help people go places in 2022, contact Agent Travel and we will be more than happy to help you create list blog posts.