Social Media Benefits For A Travel Agent

It makes sense for travel agents to develop a social media presence but before many travel agents commit, they want to know why they should set up social media accounts. Here are some of the leading social media benefits for a travel agent.

You can be seen as a trusted company
Trust is crucial for modern consumers and this is why developing social media presence and engaging with your audience is vital for a travel agent. Being on hand to answer any questions your audience might have is a big bonus for firms, because it helps customers develop a more positive impression of what you have to offer.
You should look to provide customer reviews, you should retweet positive comments and you should go above and beyond to ensure that users consider your travel agency firm a reliable and suitable business. If you don’t, you won’t make sales.

Social media bombards users with holiday images and content
Social media is a platform that loves images and video content, so as a travel agent, you are ideally suited to provide this style of content. No matter what sort of holiday, break or trip you offer, you should have original and relevant content that will look great on your page and will get people talking.

Whether your content taps into the positive memories that people have had form previous holidays or you are looking to provide people with a new experience, your video and image content will make a massive difference when it comes to developing your social media presence.

Social media allows you to develop your brand and image
There is also a lot to be said for developing your brand and image. Are you a firm that provides budget holidays, do you offer stylish holidays, do you provide trips for families, do you provide trips for couples to avoid families? No matter what sort of breaks you offer, you’ll find that the content you post and how you engage with your audience can enhance your brand, making you the first travel agent people think of when they want to book a certain style of holiday.

Social media advertising can be targeted
If you have a specific audience in mind, target them. Social media advertising allows you to specifically target your audience, no matter what age, location, gender or family background you want to appeal to. Targeting is the real reason social media advertising is working for so many firms today, including travel agents.

Social media advertising is affordable
The targeting aspect provides value for money with social media advertising but the actual cost of social media advertising is very attractive too. This is why you should be looking at Twitter and Facebook advertising as opposed to Google AdWords.

Social media platforms can be set up at no real cost
Yes, there is always a cost to consider in business. Time spent developing a social media page or account is time that could be spent elsewhere, but aside from the opportunity cost, you can create Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media accounts for free.

It is much more difficult to develop a fan base or audience for free on social media these days, but it is still a platform where you can provide content and engage users, and for no financial payment, that is a very effective benefit for travel agents.

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Travel UK