Social media Facebook competition ideas for Hotels

If you have a social media account, you know that you need to create engagement on site. Hotels should use social media and if you create and share content that gets people liking, sharing and commenting, you have a strong chance of improving your audience. However, if you don’t know what sort of competition ideas you should use, you may struggle but at Agent Travel, we are here to assist you.
Run competitions for previous guests
Running a competition for previous guests is helpful in many ways. It helps develop a relationship with previous guests, hopefully persuading them to return to your hotel. There is also the fact that prospective new guests are looking for reviews and recommendations from previous guests and running a competition may help you in this area.
Ideas of competitions you can run to appeal to old and new guests include:
• Ask guests to share images of your hotel
• Run a competition where guests take a selfie with employees and then share the images
• Ask people to share images of themselves at local landmarks or tourist attractions
• Ask people to share images of their meals at your hotel
• Share an image of the hotel staff and ask people to provide a caption for the image
Video is crucial on social media
Given that video is hugely popular, and important, for social media these days, why not have competitions that require entrants to record a video and submit it. These entries can be used for promotional content, acting as recommendations or endorsements from real people to other users. Ideas about video contents your hotel could run include:
• Asking entrants to provide reasons why they deserve a free stay at your hotel
• Asking entrants to state why your hotel is the best hotel in the local area
• Require entrants to sing a song or perform some of entertainment that makes them think of your hotel
• Ask people to share travel tips or bar/restaurant recommendations or even tourist attraction recommendations that your guests and social media followers would appreciate
• Ask guests to share video clips of their time at your hotel
Emphasise your locality
It is always god for a hotel to reinforce its location as this will help to attract the attention of people looking for a hotel or general information about your area. Many people aren’t specifically looking for your hotel or indeed any hotel when they research an area, but if they associate you with that area, they may make you their first choice if they do decide to book a visit.
Social media competitions you can run to connect you with the local area include:
• Run a trivia quiz based on local attractions
• Run a quiz based on the history of the local area
• Run a scavenger hunt in the local area
• Connect with local businesses to run a joint competition across all the firm’s social media platforms
Why not capitalise on the talents of your guests or social media followers by asking them to be creative. Examples of competitions include:
• Design a mascot
• Design a logo for the hotel
• Design a new signature dish for the hotel menu
• Ask people to share funny stories from their time with you or holidays in general
If you are looking to run a social media competition for your hotel, hopefully, these ideas will help. If you need help bringing these ideas to life, or you need further guidance, contact Agent Travel and we will be more than happy to help.

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