Social media marketing more important than ever for Hotels

Such is the level of competition in the travel and tourism market, hotels need to ensure that they do everything they can to promote themselves and reach their audience in an effective manner. At Agent Travel, we believe that social media marketing is more important than ever for hotels, and we can provide you with a range of reasons to be more prominent on social media.
Your audience is on social media
The main reason that persuades hotels to be more active on social media is that their audience uses social media. You have a chance to directly reach out to the people you want to reach, so it makes sense to have a social media account and to use it as part of your marketing strategy.
Your rivals use social media
Even if you haven’t considered using social media yet, it is likely that your rivals are. If other hotels in your area, or who are competing with you for your audience, use social media, they may gain an advantage on you. Not every hotel who uses social media uses it right, so you may not fall behind too much, but if other firms use social media well, prospective guests may use their services instead.
Social media allows you to differentiate you from your rivals
It is important that you differentiate yourself from other hotels and social media provides you with the opportunity to do so. Whatever aspect, or range of services, that you offer that no one else offers stands you apart, and you need to tell people about these aspects of your business.
With social media, you have a chance to inform people, to educate them about what you offer and to make sure that you are the hotel people trust and rely on. It doesn’t take a lot of posts to create or cultivate an image or identity on social media, so make sure you are the hotel people want to engage with.
Social media thrives on images and video content
As a hotel, you should have a lot of images and video content that people want to see. Whether it is poolside shots, dining room images with your great meals or video content of guests having fun watching your entertainment, you should have a wealth of content to share with your audience.
Social media is the ideal platform to share images and video content. This content is quickly and easily consumed, it can be shared, and it is ideal for the mediums people use to access social media these days.
Social media is the ideal platform for recommendations and shares
When it comes to reaching more people or developing trust with prospective guests, you will find that receiving recommendations from previous customers is crucial. A strong point of social media is how easy it is for people to share content and make recommendations.
As a hotel, you need to have a social media presence and you need to offer content that is worth sharing. This may be images, it may be video content, or it could be focused blog content that interests people and gets people thinking about previous holidays or their next trip.
You can tap into the local market and audiences
Social media is excellent for tapping into trends and existing audiences. It is likely that there will be people searching for informant about what is available in your area. By aligning yourself with restaurants, tourist attractions and events through the use of hashtags and related posts, you can position yourself as a specialist that can be relied on in this area.
You can tap into specific audiences
Social media is also hugely important because it allows you to reach out to certain audiences. If you want to attract families to your hotel, you can find families on social media. If you want to appeal to young adults who are looking to party, you can. If your hotel is located close to a tourist attraction or resort that welcomes certain guests, you can reach these people.
For instance, if you are located close to a beach area that is ideal for surfers, you can focus on reaching this style of audience through your use of social media posts.
Social media marketing is real-time and immediate
A very strong aspect of social media is that it is available in the here and now. If you have breaking news, you can post, and your audience will see it straight away. If you want to tailor your posts to coincide with certain events, you can do so.
Social media marketing is cost effective and provides a fantastic return
It doesn’t cost any money to set up a social media account and the returns on offer from social media are highly attractive compared to traditional advertising or AdWords. All hotels should be aware of their budget when marketing themselves but social media marketing can help you enjoy a better return on your investment.
At Agent Travel, we believe social media marketing is more important than ever for hotels. If you would like guidance or information on how to improve your social media marketing, or you would like us to improve your social media marketing for you, please get in touch.

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