Social media success: What does it look like for Travel Agents

Ultimately, success for travel agents comes through making more bookings and making more money. This is the same outlook that most firms have, across a wide range of sectors, and the work that you do on social media plays a role in the overall fortunes of your company.
However, if you are a travel agent using social media, you will want to make sure that your social media activities are of benefit and playing a strong role in your overall success. As there are many factors involved with the success or failure of a company, it would be wrong to assume that if a company was performing well, it’s social media activity was performing well or to suggest that if a company was toiling, its social media activity was performing poorly.
Know what matters to your business
There is a need to examine social media success or failure on its own merits, and the following factors may be relevant:
• Cost savings brought about by using social media compared to other marketing activities
• The number of leads generated by social media
• Conversions from social media
• Increase in likes and shares
Each travel agent will have its own view of what constitutes success and it is important to realise that social media success should translate into some form of success for the business. While it would be nice to have 100,000 followers on social media, if none of these people book a holiday or make a recommendation that leads to someone else booking a holiday, they aren’t bringing benefits to the company. Instead, a single person coming through your front door and booking a holiday would be of more value and merit than the 100,000 non-buying followers on social media.
However, you should find that there is a correlation between growing numbers and improved engagement on social media with increasing bookings. If you make a post on Facebook that is liked by so many people and then shared, leading to new people following your account. This should be a sign of success for your social media campaign.
The findings suggest that you have pleased your existing audience, and this has led to them sharing the content which has helped you expand your audience. While there may be some people who book a holiday on impulse or who are keen to book a last-minute trip, there is often a lot more thought and consideration placed into arranging a holiday these times.
Holidaymakers are carrying out more research on their trips
As people become savvier with their money, they are more likely to research holidays and they are more likely to book a trip with a travel agent they trust. This is where your social media activity makes a difference, but it may be a longer-term approach. Just because you don’t have people signing up for a holiday or arranging an appointment to find your best deals the minute they like a Facebook page or follow you doesn’t mean that your social media activity has failed.
It is therefore important to strike a balance when it comes to determining the success of social media campaigns. If you are pleasing your audience, encouraging people to post and share and growing your audience, you can deem the campaign to be a relative success. Ultimately though, the social media activity must lead to an increase in sales, but this may not occur straight away.
At Agent Travel, we know who crucial social media activity is for travel agents, but we also know how confusing it can be to judge its success. If you are looking for guidance in determining the merits and success of your social media activities, contact Agent Travel and we will be more than happy to help.

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