Social Proof Is Essential For Hotels

While the internet has been of great benefit in many parts of life, it has increased the level of doubt that suspicion and doubt that many people have about what they see. This is fair enough. With the amount of lies and half-truths listed on the internet, it is best that people take the time to review what they see and not just accept everything a company tells them.

This however poses a challenge for hotels. It is no longer enough to talk about what the hotel offers and with images being manipulated with ease these days, many people need more than photographs to fall in love with a hotel. Video content is a great tool for a hotel to have in convincing people to book with them but when it comes to convincing guests to stay at a hotel, the reviews and testimonials of previous and existing guests is crucial.

This blog aims to explain why social proof is essential for hotels and how hotels can gain these reviews and recommendations from guests.

People are looking for a certain standard of hotel or service when they go on holiday and offering social proof is the best way to persuade customers that you can meet their needs. User-generated content is hugely important these days. This is the content that people take themselves and share on their own social media platforms. This alone will help generate interest in your hotel and hopefully drive traffic towards you, but user-generated content can also be used in your own marketing strategy.

User-generated content is very important to hotels
Sharing images of genuine holidaymakers having fun at your hotel is one of the most effective ways to persuade people to book with you. When you have access to user-generated content, you have all the social proof you or your audience could want or need.

Sometimes in life, you just have to ask for something. Reviews of your hotel would benefit your business so if you believe you provide guests with a fantastic service, ask if they wouldn’t mind leaving a review on your site, on social media or one of the leading review sites. In many cases, a lot of people will be more than happy to share their thoughts with the world.

Make it easy for people to share content
In some cases, you need to give something out to get a review, but hotels should find that is simple enough. A hotel should look to offer guests free Wi-Fi and then encourage guests to use a pre-defined hashtag of their images or video clips at your resort. This allows you to collate all this content together, and you can direct potential customers to the hashtag on social media. You want to make things as easy as possible for your prospective guests and directing them to a social media hashtag where user-generated content of your hotel can be found is an excellent strategy to showcase social media proof.

If you are struggling to encourage user-generated content, why not offer a promotion around social media posts. As an example, if a guest shares a snap of their family poolside or perhaps enjoying a drink in your bar and uses your designated hashtag, you could give them something free, or money off their order or some other benefit that they wouldn’t receive as part of the standard booking.

There is nothing wrong with providing incentives to your guests to encourage them to share posts about the hotel and you should find that this will increase awareness and drive traffic to your actions.

At Agent Travel, we understand the importance of social proof and we also know how difficult it can be to obtain. If you are looking for ways to engage your audience and encourage them to create content that will convince everyone that your hotel is fantastic, get in touch and we can help.

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