Stand Out On Social Media – Offer Language Tips and Lessons

Social media is a highly effective way of reaching your audience, but hotels need to be aware that social media can be a busy, complex and challenging place. In a highly competitive market like the travel industry, a lot of hotels are competing for attention and your hotel isn’t just competing with other hotels in your area, they could be competing with hotels around the world, not to mention other forms of accommodation such as hostels, campsites and Airbnb.

The level of competition in the travel and tourism sector means you need to stand out on social media but at Agent Travel, we are pleased to say we have helped many hotels differentiate themselves from their peers. The starting point in differentiating yourself from other hotels is to know your most likely guests and what they are looking for.

Make a trip more enjoyable for your audience
If you have guests that like to explore a resort and make a connection with the local custom and culture, offering language tips and lessons about the local culture will stand you apart. Even though your hotel staff will likely do everything they can to welcome guests in their own language, a lot of guests and travellers like to make the effort to learn at least a few words of the local language.

Creating short video clips with team members introducing key phrases and words that are helpful for tourists will help promote your business in several ways, including:

• It shows you have friendly staff members who are here to help
• This content will appeal to travellers who like to learn the local language
• You can take the opportunity to showcase your hotel and surroundings
• This is fun content that is more likely to go viral than traditional marketing content

Good social media content entertains and informs, which is exactly the premise of this style of content. You want to help people make the most of their holiday and by offering language lessons or basic words that allow people to feel as though they have made an effort when on holiday, you will be highly thought of amongst the wide range of hotels operating in your area.

Offer insight into local customs
You don’t have to limit yourself to language lessons and tips. If there are local customs associated with your area, discuss these and provide your audience with information and insight. This may help guests to make more of their trip, it may help them to become better educated surrounding the destination and of course, it can help you create fun promotional material that performs well on social media.

When you use social media, it is important that you don’t just promote yourself. You should create content that engages your audience, that informs people and which people want to see and read about. Offering language and local custom lessons is a fantastic way for hotels to differentiate themselves from their peers and rivals, and it doesn’t take much time or money to create this style of content.

If you are looking to engage your audience and differentiate yourself from your audience, contact Agent Travel and we’ll provide you with social media solutions that achieve results.