Why should a travel agency hire social media experts?

While the majority of travel agents would like to take care of all of their work in-house, there are times when it makes sense to outsource certain aspects of work. A great example of an area where outsourcing makes sense is with social media work.

Social media marketing is a relatively new phenomenon, and when it comes to business, most people are not up to speed with the most effective or efficient ways to act. If you are looking to achieve the best results with your social media activity, and you should be, calling on the services of a professional will help.

These are some of the key reasons why a travel agency should hire social media experts.

You can focus on your core skills and strengths
Your current employees have roles and a list of jobs that they should be doing. If you were to provide them with other tasks, in this case social media work, this may compromise their ability to do their standard or expected roles. This means your core strength or skills may be diluted due to spreading your team too thinly, and this can harm the service you offer to clients or how customers perceive your business.

If you want to ensure that your core strengths remain in place and that clients get the best standard of service from you, utilise your employees in the best manner. Hiring a social media expert ensures your social media output is of a high standard without compromising your other work.

You may not have enough work to justify a social media expert on a full-time basis
It may be that you would be looking to employ a social media expert on a full-time basis, but can you justify this position? Outsourcing work and receiving “as and when” assistance from a social media expert is likely to provide you with a far better return on your money than bringing in a social media expert on a full-time basis for your company.

Your content will be created to achieve results

A social media expert with experience and an understanding of the market will provide you with researched and tailored content that is more in line with what you want to achieve. While some firms achieve success through luck and posting whatever they like, your chances of achieving success in the social media field rises when you produce content that represents your business and is more likely to engage your audience.

This is where the role of a social media expert can make all the difference. The fact that a social media professional will be able to talk you through your aims and create expected targets or ambitions will ensure that you have something to work towards, and your chances of achieving this success will be significantly improved.

Experience counts for a lot with social media posts
It is easy to assume that social media posts are easy because so many of us use social media on a regular basis. However, there is a big difference between using social media on a personal basis and using social media for business purposes.

If you are too formal or business like, you will put people off. If you are too informal and personal, people will forget or overlook the fact that you are a business. It can be a difficult task to achieve the middle ground when it comes to social media activity, and this is why it is often best left to the professionals.

The return on investment is attractive
It is free to set up social media accounts, which means that the only real costs involved are the costs of hiring a social media professional. As you are not employing this professional on a full-time basis, merely employing them per post or on an agreed basis, the cost of hiring a professional is much more affordable.

The returns available from good quality content and engagement on social media are very attractive for travel agencies. This is why hiring a social media professional is such a smart idea because the return on the money you spend is fairly attractive and should be of benefit to all companies.

Social media experts provide you with campaigns and projects you may not have thought of
When you call on the services of a social media professional, you get the benefit of their expertise, experience and wisdom. This means they are usually able to provide you with promotional ideas, campaigns or strategies that you may not have previously thought of.

The insight of a social media professional can provide you with new working practices that you hadn’t previously thought of, and this is why so many travel agencies decide that hiring a skilled professional makes sense.

Social media provides plenty of great opportunities for travel agencies, especially through the use of video content and quality images. However, it can be difficult to convey the right tone and engage with your audience, which is why many travel agencies need assistance when it comes to using social media effectively.

If you are looking to engage your audience, develop a following and increase sales, make sure you hire a social media professional for all of your social media output.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Travel UK