User Generated Content Will Be Massive In 2022

If you are looking to know the content that people want to see in 2022, it is fair to say user generated content will likely be massive. This form of content, sometimes known as UGC, comes from your existing customers as opposed to you, so you can see why prospective customers will put more faith in what it says.

If you can tap into your existing customer base and use content they generate, it will be much easier to reach out to new clients, and it will also save you a lot of time, effort and work.

What are some of the benefits of user generated content?

Given there is so much buzz about user generated content, there must be many benefits to it! There are, and these are some of the most popular reasons why companies love this form of content:

  • It allows your customers to speak for you, which is always of benefit in reaching other customers
  • It helps to show what other people think of your brand, which is informative for the company, and instructive to other people
  • It generates trust in the brand and the product
  • It shows there is already a relationship between the brand and product, which makes it easier for others to join in
  • There is a lot to be said for user generated content adding a human and personal touch to a brand
  • This style of content develops reliability, credibility and authenticity
  • Ultimately, UGC drives conversions and leads to sales

What are examples of user generated content?

If you are still not too sure what user generated content is, don’t worry, as we have some examples for you:

  • Posts initially shared by a customer on social media praising the brand or showing the product/service in action
  • Video content created by a customer which praises the brand of which shows the product or service in action
  • People writing reviews or testimonials about the company, product or service
  • A blog post written by a customer which mentions or details the product or service you offer
  • Content included in hashtag campaigns, which can be set up by your firm, by other firms/organisations or which have developed organically
  • Findings from surveys which mention your company or product/service
  • Interactive events where the company, product or service is mentioned

You will hopefully have a better understanding of what user generated content is by now, and how it can be of benefit to travel companies.

What sort of user generated content can travel companies use?

There are many ways travel companies can use user generated content.

If someone has booked a holiday with you or has stayed at one of your resorts, there is a strong chance that they will have taken photographs which are relevant to you. While you cannot just take this content without asking, many people are happy for businesses to share this content, some will even tag you in.

You can encourage people to tag you into their content, or ask them to use a hashtag. Some travel firms decide to incentivise this form of content, but you don’t need to.

You will also find that people leaving reviews or positive feedback about your services is a great form of user generated content, and the sort of thing which connects well with other users.

People want to know what other people are saying, and if they say nice things about you and your products/services, it will position you as a company who can be trusted.

If someone writes a blog about an experience they had with you, or a travel piece in general that mentions you, this is a great form of user generated content. You should link to this blog, and you should reach out to the person behind the blog. You can ask them if they will place a link to your website from the blog.

This will be great for driving traffic to your site, especially for people who have heard positive things about your company, and it sends a positive signal to search engines.

How do you get user generated content?

In many cases, you don’t need to do much to benefit from UGC. If you are a travel company, a lot of the things you do will see people take to social media and share photos or video clips of your product or services in action.

However, if you aren’t seeing as much UGS as you would like, don’t be afraid to ask for it. If this doesn’t see much interaction, feel free to incentivise people into creating and sharing UGC for you.

This might take some of the authenticity away from the content, so bear in mind some people will shy away from seeing the positives of content that users benefit from, but generally, there is a lot to be said for persuading people to make and share user generated content with you.

Contact Agent Travel to connect with your users and receive UGC

At Agent Travel, we know user generated content is vital for businesses, especially in the travel sector. This is something that will make a difference in 2022, and there are ways for travel firms to persuade people to share this form of content.

If you want to engage your audience in 2022, contact Agent Travel and we will be more than happy to help you benefit from user generated content.