Using Social Media To Improve Your TripAdvisor Ranking

If you are in the travel industry, you know how vital TripAdvisor is. According to information provided the company in their datasheet, more than 450 million use TripAdvisor each month. With more than 600 million reviews on site, people are checking out reviews before booking holidays, meals and nights out. With research suggesting 77% of people rely on TripAdvisor to help them choose a hotel, your hotel needs to be active on TripAdvisor.

Of course, every hotel should be active on TripAdvisor, so how can you do more to promote reviews and engagement? You should be proactive in asking guests for reviews, and you should place reminders about your TripAdvisor listing around your hotel. However, you should also be proactive online, and using social media to improve your TripAdvisor ranking makes sense for hotels.

To utilise social media to positively impact on TripAdvisor, it is helpful to focus on the three main aspects of TripAdvisor’s algorithms prioritise:
• Quality of reviews – with hotels receiving 4 or 5-star reviews ranking higher, but quality also referring to the contents of the review, it should be informative, expressing a useful opinion on the hotel
• The recency of reviews– as you would imagine, the more recent the review, the more relevant it is likely to be for people looking to book a hotel, so TripAdvisor favours reviews that have been made recently
• Quantity of reviews – again, this shouldn’t be a surprise, but the higher the number of reviews, the more likely it is that TripAdvisor will rank your hotel strongly

TripAdvisor isn’t giving the mechanics of their algorithms away, and nothing is shocking or unexpected here.

Therefore, you can take a common-sense approach to encourage TripAdvisor reviews on social media, and it should help you improve your ranking.

Share TripAdvisor reviews with your audience
People may not know you have a TripAdvisor listing, or they may not have given the process of reviewing your hotel much thought. By creating social media posts sharing previous reviews, alongside a link to the review page, you create awareness and hopefully encourage others to follow suit.

You can subconsciously influence users to provide detailed and high-ranking reviews, by sharing four and five-star reviews which offer relevant information about your hotel and service.

Ask for reviews
You have to be careful about how you gain reviews because if there is a hint of suspicious activity, it is likely you’ll be penalised. Any short-term gain from “gaming the system” usually results in long-term pain.

However, there is no harm in asking people to leave you a review if they enjoyed their stay at your hotel. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how effective being direct is, especially on social media. A lot of people are too busy enjoying themselves to think about how the positive impact a review can have on your business, and other holidaymakers. Therefore, providing a gentle nudge in the right direction is never a bad idea.

Monitor the reviews
Hopefully, you will receive a glut of four and five-star reviews that sing the praises of your hotel and staff members. If you do, make sure you praise the team members, in private and publicly. If a team member was singled out for praise in a review, ask them, do they mind you sharing this review on social media?

Hotels should look to shine a spotlight on their employees, and sharing praise is a fantastic opportunity to mention a team member on your social networks. When you showcase a personal side to your business, people will likely take more interest in your posts.

Of course, you may receive negative reviews, and if you do, you should act upon them. If you receive actionable feedback or there is an issue you can address, do so. If you resolve the problem or show you are committed to making changes, share this information on feedback.

While it is nice to receive praise, the true mark of a business is often seen when they are criticised. If you respond positively to a problem, turning an issue around, you send the right message out to prospective customers. If people know you are quick to respond to issues at your hotel, they’ll be more likely to book with you.

Given the importance of TripAdvisor reviews for your hotel, you should focus on drawing attention to your page and generating reviews. As your social platforms are a critical way to engage your audience, these platforms provide you with the ideal chance to direct traffic to your site.

Pulling all the strands of your business together can be a challenging process, but your social accounts should be the platform for sustained business success. If you’re a hotel looking to develop your business, contact Agent Travel for guidance on how to reach your audience.

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