What Instagram Hashtags Should My Hotel Use?

When it comes to marketing your hotel and finding ways to connect with your audience of prospective guests, have you considered the importance of hashtags? Hashtags are very popular on social media but while they feature modestly on Facebook and more prominently on Twitter, it is Instagram where hashtags rule the roost and if your hotel has an Instagram account, you need to know how to use hashtags to your advantage.

Also, you really should have an Instagram account for your hotel, so if you don’t, make that a top priority.

This blog aims to outline the importance of Instagram, of hashtags for connecting with your audience and will give examples of what hashtags can be used.

If you use Instagram, you’ll know that this is a platform where hashtags are encouraged. It is possible to place 30 hashtags on a single post (and there are some sites who promise to show you hacks that will allow you to add even more!) 30 hashtags are more than enough to start with and the reason that hashtags are so important on Instagram is because they help people find what they are looking for.

As soon as you start to consider hashtags as keywords, a gateway to people who are searching for what you have to offer, you will find it becomes a lot easier to include them in an effective manner.

Travel in general is a good starting point for hashtags
If you want to ease yourself into the process, simple hashtags like #travel, #holiday or #hotel are obvious starting points. These are generic hashtags that are used a lot, which is good for getting in front of a lot of people, but of course, the majority of these people will not hold an interest in what your hotel an offer.

However, as a way to see what is on offer, what other hotels are going with hashtags and to make sure you are confident in using hashtags, the general hashtags will be of benefit.

Your location should feature in your hashtags
A sensible addition to your selection of hashtags is your location. A lot of people will look for hotels and holiday resorts in a particular country, town or destination, and you want to make sure that you are found by these people. This style of hashtag can range from the simple, such as the name of your resort and then extended tags such as the name of the resort with hotel or holiday or any similar word at the end of it.

As with most hashtags, explore Instagram to see if there are hashtags for your local area already in use and pay attention to the auto complete suggestions provided by Instagram when you type hashtags in.

The type of resort or hotel you are should be present in your hashtags
Not everyone planning a trip to your resort or town may be interested in your hotel, so it makes sense to expand on what you have to offer. If you are a family hotel, hashtags that play up on the family element, the pool activities, the kids clubs or any form of planned entertainment will help the right people find you.

Similarly, if you are a budget hotel, use this as the basis for your hashtags while if you offer a luxury resort, this should be the focus of your hashtag work.

There are general hashtags that are worth jumping in on
Don’t forget that there are many popular hashtags that are worth adding to the mix. On the first day of the week, what could be better for #MondayMotivation than a picture of your pool or the sun coming up on your resort. If your hotel has been in operation for a number of years, what better way to engage with #ThursdayThrowback than by sharing an image or video clip that is a few years old.

These hashtags shouldn’t be the focus of your hashtag activities as your content will be of little interest to many people using and searching for the hashtag but given that you can add up to 30 hashtags per post, it doesn’t hurt to tap into the general market as well.

Start a few of your own hashtags
If you can encourage your guests to use an agreed hashtag when sharing content from your hotel, you will develop a bank of images that will appeal to prospective customers. Imagine how good it would be to say to your prospective guests that they can search on a specific hashtag and it will showcase the great times guests have at your hotel.

There is a lot to be said for having social proof about what you offer and when your guests add content to an agreed hashtag, it becomes extremely simple to drive people to user-generated content that really sells your hotel.

At Agent Travel, we believe hashtags are crucial on Instagram and correct use of them will place your hotel in front of the right people. If you need assistance or guidance on hashtags for your hotel, get in touch with Agent Travel.

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