What Local Firms Can My Hotel Engage With On Social Media?

One of the things that many businesses, not just hotels, forget about social media is the importance of being social. The clue is in the name but when you are trying to promote your hotel, answer questions and hopefully entice prospective guests, it can be easy to overlook the social aspect of chatting and having fun. There is a business reason why you need to be social and engaging with local firms can help draw customers to your hotel.

This blog aims to detail why it is vital your hotel engages with local firms, what sort of firms you can engage with and how you can attract new customers.

Examples of firms you can engage with on social media include:

• Taxi firms or local service bus companies
• Tour operators
• Tourist attractions
• Bars and shops
• Retailers looking to attract tourists and holidaymakers

It is obvious that you should consider your own services and facilities before you engage with local firms. If you have your own bar and restaurant, you probably don’t want to spend too much time encouraging your guests to try other bars and restaurants as this will harm your income. However, no matter what type of facilities you offer at your hotel, you should find that there are many local firms your hotel can engage with on social media.

Your own guests will appreciate the recommendations you make about local firms. If a guest is looking to book a taxi and they have a few options, a recommendation from you will go a long way. Similarly, there may be a lot of local restaurants, but if there is one that you like, and think will be of interest to the guest, they will appreciate your recommendation. By recommending local firms that improve the holiday making experience, you provide a better service to your guests and they will form a stronger opinion of you.

Find more prospective guests when you work with local firms
At the very least, you will hope that your interaction with firms in the local area will bring your hotel to the attention of more prospective guests. No matter how hard you work or how much money you throw at social media advertising campaigns, you are unlikely to attract every prospective guest to your social media page.

There will be people who have an interest in your area who use other social media pages, so engaging with these firms can place you in front of the people you need to be seen by. You will also hope that if you speak positively about local firms that they will take the time to recommend you. Whether this is officially or unofficially arranged, reciprocal posts and positive comments can help you and another local firm develop an audience and be seen as a trusted option.

Tap into a market that already likes what you offer
You can take the engagement further and create offers to people who use the other local firm or run a competition that results in people finding out about both firms and taking an interest in the social media posts.

At Agent Travel, we know that you can’t spend all your time on social media promoting your hotel or talking about how great you are. This will turn people off and you’ll eventually lose your audience. You should also be aware that no matter how good you are at attracting people to your page, there will always be more relevant customers you can find.

Therefore, working alongside local firms who share an audience helps. As you say positive things about them and they say they positive things about you, people will start to form a positive opinion of your hotel. If you can be regarded as a local institution who other local firms are happy to recommend, you’ll find that people are happy to book with you.

If you would like to learn more about social media engagement, contact Agent Travel and we will help your hotel to reach a new audience.