What Trends Do My Hotels Need To Know About?

No matter what sort of hotel you are, even one with a retro or vintage style, it makes sense to stay in touch with the latest trends. This is because knowing the latest trends helps you to engage your audience in an effective manner and it ensures you can promote your hotel in a more efficient manner.

This blog aims to outline some of the trends your hotel needs to be aware of and how you can use these trends to provide a better service or attract more followers.

Some of the most important trends to be aware of when promoting your hotel include:

• Food
• Drink
• Songs and dances
• Pool games or features
• Local attractions or places of interest

You may not think that food is a topic of great interest or which has a lot of trends, but this would be wrong. In recent years, there have been many popular food trends and Twitter, Facebook and Instagram followers know all about these. From avocados to overnight oats, from pulled pork burgers to hot wings; there are always food crazes that people love to share on social media and indulge in. If you offer these foods, you’ll find that your guests are keen to share content of themselves enjoying these meals or treats at your hotel.

People love to drink the most popular drink of the year
The exact same can be said for drinks. Whether it is specific cocktails, Dark Fruit cider, pink gin, Prosecco, craft beer or Aperol Spritz, there is always a drink that is getting talked about and shared more than others. If you want to tap into the most popular drink of the year when it comes to social shares, you need to know what is popular, and social listening is a big help.

When it comes to songs and dances, you only have to look at The Floss for the summer of 2018. You may still that Gangnam Style is going to get kids jumping on the dancefloor, dragging their parents or siblings behind them, but popular songs can go out of taste and fashion very quickly. Make sure you know the big hits of the year, and a few evergreen classics, to ensure that you create the best parties and entertainment.

Tap into the holiday snaps people love to share
If you are looking for popular attractions, you only must look at a handful of shared holiday snaps to know that unicorns and flamingos are hugely popular with holiday makers these days. This may not be the sort of hotel you are but if you are, stocking up on the flamingo mini drink holders and unicorn lilos will ensure that your guests have a wonderful time and will share snaps of them enjoying themselves at your resort.

It may be that there are local attractions that are immensely popular for periods of time and if this is the case, you want to tap into it. You should inform your guests of the attraction, provide them with advice on how to travel there and make sure you share tags on social media. This way, anyone looking for information on the popular event or attraction has a greater chance of finding your hotel too.

Social media is a fantastic place to stay in touch with trending topics and popular items. This is where social media can be useful, as it allows you to tap into what people are saying about life in general. Too many companies, from all industries not just the travel sector, get caught up with talking too much on social media as opposed to listening, but if you take the time to listen, you can gain an advantage on your rivals.

At Agent Travel, we understand that social media is a two-communication device and that there is a lot more to be said for listening than talking. If your hotel can benefit from knowing the latest trends, and virtually all hotels can benefit from knowing the latest trends, come and speak with a social media specialist that lets you tap into the latest trends.