What’s Your Busiest Time Of Year? Promote It Now With Social Ads

Ideally, your hotel will be busy all year round. If you have a steady stream of visitors, and people wishing to visit your hotel or area, you will hopefully enjoy year-round custom. However, many resorts and hotels find they have a busy time of year. Even if you welcome customers every month and season, having one month where you are filled to capacity is comforting, and will often be the backbone of your business.

While you should look to increase demand for your hotel in quieter times, you also need to focus on ensuring your busy period remains busy. If a lot of people want to stay in your hotel at a specific time, there is a good chance they will happily stay in similar hotels too. So, you need to ensure your hotel is at the forefront of your audience, and with many people booking a trip at this time of year, you should be active now.

If your busy time of year is in winter or soon, you need to be active now
Some resorts and hotels are occupied in winter and the opening months of the year. Ski resorts are often busy at this time, and resorts that allow people to escape cold temperatures at home are often in high demand at this time.

Your ad focus should be on preaching the benefits of holidaying at this time of year, and you can also capitalise on last-minute breaks. If you are close to a ski resort, your ads should focus on the joy of skiing, and what your hotel or resort has to offer. If you allow people to escape miserable weather at home in winter, your ad and social campaign should focus on leaving terrible weather behind to find a warm and welcoming climate.

If you offer last-minute deals, play upon the financial aspect, or on how easy it is to arrange a quick break and get away from it all.

If you are busy at Easter and late spring, reach people now
Once winter passes to spring, there are a few opportunities for hotels to prosper. If you are a family resort, the Easter school break is a busy time. You can target families with an ad campaign, extolling the reasons why a family holiday in your hotel is the perfect way to enjoy a break in spring.

Other hotels may be focused on offering city breaks, breaks to couples without a family or even breaks around the May Bank Holidays. If there is a reason you are busy in spring, make sure you acknowledge these reasons, as it connects you with your most likely holidaymakers.

If you are busy in summer, your audience is booking summer holidays
Once the festive season is over and done with, people want something to look forward to. January is a busy month for bookings in the travel industry, as people book their summer holidays. If your hotel welcomes guests in the summer, make sure you engage likely travellers on social platforms and run ad campaigns which promote your summer trips.

Autumn is a popular time to travel for many people
A lot of people enjoy travelling in autumn. Summer is too warm for many people, and autumn is often more affordable than the height of summer. People who aren’t travelling with children have more flexibility, and they may wait until the schools are back before arranging a trip. If you offer holidays for couples who want to enjoy a quiet and mature break, autumn is a busy time of year for you. Your campaigns should target these people, and discuss the financial and relaxation benefits of holidaying without children in tow or in the resort!

Winter breaks for next year are in demand
While we are still in winter, you may be busy during the winter and New Year period. This is a long time away, but this is also a time when many people like to book this sort of trip. People who have enjoyed this holiday recently often feel sad in the aftermath of their holiday, which leads to them booking up.

You also find that people who haven’t been on holiday at this time of year, but who have seen social posts from friends, family members and colleagues feel jealous. This leads to people booking up for a similar trip in the year which lies ahead. If you can arrange bookings for almost a year away, you bring in useful money and provide yourself with confidence in how the rest of the year will pan out.

At Agent Travel, we know the importance of hotels reaching out to their audience, and providing content that encourages people to book a trip. We can help you create content aimed at solidifying and even enhancing your busiest times of the year. Contact Agent Travel today to ensure you are prepared for everything 2020 has to offer.

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